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Линк свич Скайрим

Captain. What should we do? He/She's not on the list
— Hadvar about Dovahkin

Tier: 1-A

Name: Dovahkiin/The Last Dragonborn Mirak, Crown Storms,Lorkhan, Prisoner have no name

Origin: The Elder Scrolls

Gender: Can be male or Female

Age: Unknown

Classification: Dragonborn, Vampire / Werewolf / Guardian dawn, Cannibal, The Prisoner, "Demigod", Harbinger associates, Archmage board Winterhold Nightingale Nocturnal heard Tan various possessions, the Order member of Blades, "Kuanarin" Ysmir, Konarik, in captivity Champion Hermeus Mora,the one who knew the CHIM

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, (night vision, aura vision, the ability to see invisible creatures), extrasensory perception (power sensor), Magic, martial arts, fencing, Fire Manipulation, Ice Manipulation, Lightning Manipulation, Healing, the barriers, Matter Manipulation, Light Manipulation, Sound Manipulation, Weather Manipulation, Empathic Manipulation, Invisibility, Telekinesis, Soul Manipulation , pseudo-flight, vampirism, Blood Manipulation , Aura (intimidation), Absorption, appeals, Necromancy, slashes, Intangibility, Poison Manipulation, Can go into a Rage State, Shapeshifting, Illusion Casting, crafts (blacksmithing, alchemy, enchantment weapons and armor) | Energy Manipulation, Time Manipulation, Conceptual Manipulation, The ability to immobilize or paralyze the enemy, Reality Warping, Dream Manipulation, Immortality (Type 7), Acausality, ETC.

Attack Potency: Ignores strength CHIM

Speed: Omnipresent

Lifting Strength: Irrelevant

Striking Strength: Outerversal

Durability: Because of CHIM, he will only die when he wants

Stamina: Limitless

Range: Outerversal

Intelligence: Nigh-Omniscient

Combat skills: Very High

Weaknesses: After completing their role is to disappear. Hit the arrows to the knee makes it simple guard (satire) | The sun, however Dragonborn can extinguish it (being a vampire)


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  • Master Sword – The sword of perdition of evil, can destroy any evil being, makes Dovakin unresponsive to any kind of negative influences.
  • Hylian Shield – The legendary shield, used by the heroes of all time, future and past. Unbreakable for physical attacks, the shield reflects fire and electric attacks.

Daedric Artifacts – These are artifacts that Dovakin can receive as a gift for carrying out the tasks of the Daedra Princes. Some items are an alternative reward for one task, depending on its passage.

  • Mehrunes' Razor – The dagger created by Merunes Dagon, the main feature of the dagger, is the effect of the Daedric exile, which, with a probability of 11%, instantly destroys any living being. The effect does not work on such strong creatures as the Daedra Prince or Aedra.
  • Mace of Molag Bal – Also known as the Vampire Mace, this mace sucks the magical energy from the victim and transfers it to the bearer. Also, it has the ability to pump power from the victim to the bearer. If the enemy dies, then his soul goes to stone the soul of the owner of the weapon.
  • Wabbajack – The staff, created by the Daedric Prince of Madness Sheogorath. The staff is unique in that the beam of Wabbajack has an absolutely unpredictable effect. He gives the opportunity to inflict damage by fire, cold or electricity; Transfer part of the vital energy of the enemy to the possessor of the staff; Heal the goal; Make the goal invisible; Instantly kill the target; To decapitate the goal; Reduce the size and life energy of the target; Invoke the daedra; Turn the target into a random creature: rabbit, chicken, mud crab, dremor, atronach, sometimes in a troll, and even less often in a vampire master; Turn the target into a random object: a plate, a basket, a wooden scoop, a sweet roll, venison, a red apple, very rarely in gold coins.
  • Wohlendrang – Also known as the Hammer of Power and Hammerfell's Hammer. Was created by the Dwemer clan of Rourken. Voldrang has the ability to give his possessor an additional supply of vital energy, but he is best known for the paralyzing and exhausting effects that appear when striking at the enemy.
  • Star of Azura – Is a reusable stone shower. In the Star you can put only white souls belonging to the lower creatures. However, the star can be improved and made available to great black souls, such as people or measures.
  • The Ring of Namira – Devouring corpses, the owner of the ring increases his level of vital energy and the speed of his recovery.
  • Hircine's Ring – Allows you to turn into a werewolf an unlimited number of times.
  • Leather Breastplate of the Savior – One of the artifacts of Hirsin, a cuirass from the skin of the Savior. Has the ability to reflect magic. It is said that Cyrus travels from one carrier to another according to one's own understanding.
  • Masque of Clavicus Vile – The wearer of the mask is more likely to like any of the residents of Tamriel. The higher the attractiveness of the media, the stronger the mask.
  • Oghma Infinium – The great and mysterious Book of Knowledge written by the wise magician Xarxess and filled with the knowledge that he received from Hermes Mora. All who read Ogma Infinium, fills the energy of the artifact, which can be used to develop one of the abilities to a level close to the level of the demigod. Once read, Oghma Infinium will disappear.
  • Rose Sangwina – When using a staff, Rosa calls a younger Daedra, who attacks anyone except the master.
  • Spellbreaker – The shield created by the Dwemer clan of Rourken. When locked, creates a magical amulet that can absorb some of the magic damage.
  • The Light of Dawn – A unique one-handed sword, created by Princess Daedra Meridia. Inflicts Fire damage. If the target dies from the fire damage, then it turns into a handful of ash, that is, burns. When killing undead, sometimes it can cause a fiery blow to the area.
  • The Ax of Sorrow – The ax takes away some of the reserve of enemy forces and transfers it to the carrier.
  • Skull of Corruption – The staff has power over dreams and nightmares, down to their materialization.
  • Ebonite Mail – This armor, created in prehistoric times by the goddess Dark Elves Boeta. The power of armor gives the wearer protection from fire, magic and magic shield.
  • Ebonite Blade – The blade resembles the ebonite katana, but its power is truly dark. Whenever the Ebonite Blade hits the enemy, some of the damage dealt is transferred to the wearer in the form of rough unprocessed energy.
  • Skeletal Key – Mystical artifact, which allows you to open not only any door, but also hidden in the depths of consciousness. Possibilities of the owner of the key are unlimited.

Masks of the Dragon Priests – This is a whole group of artifacts, each high priest has a unique mask that gives the bearer a special power. After collecting all eight masks, you can go back with the help of a wooden mask. There is the ninth, the most powerful mask. You can find additional masks on the island of Solstheim.

  • Wolsung – Increases the load capacity of the carrier, and also allows it to breathe under water.
  • Morroecas – многократно повышает скорость восстановления магической энергии.
  • Vokun – Reduces the expenditure of magical energy for the spells of the school of Illusion, Witchcraft and Change.
  • Crosis – Improves skills of breaking, archery and alchemy.
  • Otar – Increases the resistance to the elements of fire, cold and electricity.
  • Hevnorak – Gives full immunity to poisons and diseases.
  • Ragoth – Increases the owner's endurance capacity.
  • Nacrin – Increases the supply of magical energy, and the magic of Destruction and Restoration consumes less mana.
  • Zakrisosh – Increases the attack power of electricity and increases resistance to this element.
  • Azidal – Increases the attack power by fire and increases resistance to this element.
  • Dukan – Increases the attack power by cold and increases resistance to this element.
  • Miraak – Increases the supply of magical energy. Previously belonged to the dragon priest Mirak.
  • Konarik – At a low level of vital energy gives a chance to heal the carrier and damage the nearest enemies, while the owner activates a spell firecracker, dealing damage to everyone in a small radius. Occasionally, a ghost dragon priests call, who will fight on the side of the mask owner. Priest owns spells of the school of Destruction magic, and can also summon a stormy atronach.

Other Artifacts – Traveling on Skyrim and Solstheim, or performing any tasks, Dovakin can collect many artifacts that have different properties.

  • Decimator – A legendary artifact, one of the three instruments of the Dwemer tonal architect Kagrenac, which were used to collect and focus the energy of the Heart of Lorkhan. It is known that the spells cast on the Separator and the Reaper are so strong that they kill anyone who takes them without the Phantom Guard. However, at the moment, the Cutter can be picked up without harm to his health without using the Phantom Guard, which is somewhat puzzling. Allows you to change the tone of reality when exposed to morpholites (stone souls, sigil stone, Lorkhan's Heart).
  • Bladeskal's Blade – Two-handed sword, a power attack with a sword is accompanied by a red arc of energy, which beats depending on the direction and type of power strike.
  • Auriel's bow – An incredibly powerful weapon that, when properly handled, can create amazing things. Shot with Solar Elven arrows from the bow of Auriel in the sun will cause an explosion on him, and beams of sunlight will fall on the enemies, causing them damage; A shot of the Elven Arrow of the Blood Curse from the bow of Auriel in the sun will cause an explosion of darkness around him. So it creates a false night. The effect lasts until the next morning.
  • Shield of Auriel – When blocking physical damage, the shield accumulates energy that can be reflected back to the attacker.
  • The Staff of Magnus – One of the oldest artifacts of Tamriel, the staff was created by Magnus as a kind of metaphysical battery. When used, it absorbs the magical energy of the victim and restores the life energy of the wearer. This is the only artifact in the world, which has enough power to retain the power of Magnus.
  • Voutrad – This is the legendary ax of the conqueror Skyrim, the first Harbinger, the great Isgramor. With her help, he cleared Skyrim for the Nords, when with his five hundred drowned him in the blood of the originally inhabited measures. Especially deadly against the elves.
  • Cooler – One-handed glass sword and a semi-legendary artifact. It is extremely unusual that the glass from which it was created is not green, but bluish, like a young ice. The blade is capable of dealing cold damage and gives a chance to paralyze the opponent.
  • Sigil stone – This is a sample of pre-mythical quasi-crystalline morpholite, transformed into a multidimensional artifact by applying the magic Daedra sigil. Allows you to move objects between dimensions, and can also be used in enchantment.
  • White bottle – The legendary vessel created by the ancient alchemist Kuralmil in those days when Skyrim had just begun to become covered with ice. It was created from the first snow that fell on the top of the Throat of Peace with the use of the powerful magic of the Wars of the Dragons, the secrets of which are lost. The main feature of the artifact is that any liquid placed in it is restored some time after the emptying of the vessel.
  • Shield of Ysgramor - This shield once belonged to the legendary hero Nords Ysgramor. Shield increases health and resistance to magic.
  • Dragonbane - A unique Akavir katana with a spell to damage electricity. The most effective against dragons.
  • Pale Blade - A unique ancient Nordian sword that belongs to the Pale Lady. The sword can damage the health of the cold and the reserve of forces, and also inspire fear to the weak animals and people.
  • Ghostblade - a sword-ghost, is able to partially ignore the enemy's armor upon impact.
  • gust of Wind - unique scimitar. The blow with this blade flatters the opponent, causing him to shake. Moreover, the stunned enemy does not immediately recover, but for a short time remains virtually paralyzed.
  • Nightingale Blade - The sword that belonged to one of Soloviev and the leader of the Thieves Guild - Galla Desedenie. The sword is cast on the enchantment absorbing health and the power reserve.
  • Nightingale Bow - bow, belonging to the Nightingale - the secret guardian of the sanctuary of the Daedric Prince Nocturnal. Bow can damage cold and electricity, as well as slow the enemy
  • Sword of Mirak - light and deadly sword, formerly owned by Mirak, the champion Hermeus Mora. When the sword strikes with this sword, the tentacles that braid it are lengthened, turning into a giant whip, causing deadly strikes against the enemy and reducing his strength.
  • Staff of Mirak - The staff, formerly owned by Mirak, is the champion of Hermes Mora. When using a staff on the ground, a small black puddle forms, from which tentacles climb, which protect the owner of the staff from enemies, inflicting damage to them with poison.
  • Zephyr - Dwemer archery with faster string stretching (like Auriel's bow).
  • Dwarven Black Bow of Fate - Dwemer arkfakt from ebonite with spells of accidental absorption of health, magic or a reserve of forces at each hit.
  • Eterian Shield — This is a unique Dwemer shield made of Eteria and Dwemer fusion. When struck with a shield, the enemy becomes disembodied for 15 seconds. He can not attack or be attacked at the same time.
  • Amulet of Saartal — уникальное ожерелье, немного снижающее расход магии на заклинания всех школ.
  • Amulet of Goldur - A unique necklace, once belonging to the powerful archmage Goldur. Amulet raises health, magic and reserve forces of the carrier.
  • Amulet of the Necromancer - A unique hexagonal amulet, decorated on each side with ebonite. The amulet increases magical powers, reduces the cost of magic for casting spells of the Sorcery school, but significantly slows the restoration of health and reserve forces.
  • Amulet of Kin — unique amulet. He is consecrated by the goddess Keene - so the Nords-Old Believers call Kinareth, considering her not the goddess of heaven, but the goddess of hunting. The amulet has a unique enchantment: bows deal more damage and reduced damage done by animals.
  • Insight Mzunda ("The Image of Mzund") — A unique Dwemer helmet that allows a jet of steam from the helmet to emit, like the Dwemer centurion. In addition, the helmet increases the reserve of physical strength.
  • Amulet of articulation - a unique enchanted necklace on raising eloquence, as well as all attempts at persuasion will almost always be successful.
  • Aetherial Crown — It is a Dwemer artifact representing a unique hoop made of Aetherial, Dwemer alloy and gold. The artifact allows the wearer to have two blessings instead of one.
  • Elder Scrolls (on drak. — kelle) — these are records of the aedric prophecies. Dragonborn belongs to the three Ancient Scrolls: Dragon, Blood and Sun. The reader can look through the flow of time and foresee the future event (another version of the event may appear to another reader). The price for understanding the scroll is blindness, but Dovakin can restore his sight a few seconds after reading.

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

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Vampirism If a living creature dies Spirit, and his lust for life of the body and support his name alive, there is a vampire. Its energy content is almost dead, it can not produce the vital energy, and the vampire fills her lack of blood of the living. Vampires are most afraid of death – a disease that turns the infected into a vampire. The disease leads to significant physiological changes in the body, giving the carrier supernatural powers, but at the same time making it vulnerable to fire and sunlight.

Vampiric abilities and skills:

  • Siphon Life - releasing a stream of searing energy vampire absorbs every second health goal, inflicting damage depending on the stage of famine. The strongest of the children of the night are able to deplete the supply of power and magical energy of the enemy.
  • Vampire Servant - allows the ability to resurrect the dead body of any creature, dead shall fight on the side of the vampire.
  • Invisible - ability, allowing it becomes invisible for a while, the spell transforms the composition of matter surrounding the vampire's body, whether it be clothing or the skin itself, causing it to miss the rays light through it. The vampire becomes transparent like glass, and the only light distortion of body contours can give him. Due to the complexity of maintaining this state of the magician must not interact with the outside world.
  • The seduction - the ability to allow for some time to calm the hostile creatures and representatives of the intelligent races.
  • Night Vision - allows a vampire to navigate at night as well as in daylight.
  • The spread of disease - vampires are carriers Sanguinar Vampiris, a disease that eventually turns the infected into a vampire, if it does not heal within a few days.
  • Make-up blood - feeding on the blood, vampires can recover their vitality.
  • The aura of intimidation - when you are closer to the vampire, the victim can not breathe properly, they breath in fear.
  • Intangibility - ability allows a vampire to pass your body or parts thereof through objects. It can be used for an attack, for example, to miss oneself through the enemy or cause damage to the barrier despite the fact that the enemy will try to block it with a weapon or a shield. In addition, the capacity can be used for protective purposes.
  • Resistance - vampires are immune to poison and disease, as well as increased resistance to cold.
  • Night predator Steps - vampire harder to detect when he steals.

Form-Vampire Lord:

  • Pseudo-flight - ability, which can be used to hover above the ground.
  • Bats - vampire-lord turns into a flock of bats, almost instantly overcome considerable distance, and again takes the form of a vampire-lord.
  • Resurrection of the Dead - allows you to reanimate corpses.
  • The power of the grave - in the guise of a vampire-lord goes further increase to health, magic, and stamina.
  • Grip vampire - the ability of available-vampire lord. It allows you to draw to itself the victim and, while she is helpless to put her permanent damage from asphyxiation. In this case the victim is completely immobilized. After the abolition of the victim's ability otshvyrnёt wherever the Lord wants vampire. Thus, a trajectory may be selected to provide greater throw distance.
  • Call gargoyles - allows the ability to call upon the gargoyle, which will fight the vampire side.
  • Rigor curse - allows the ability to paralyze the enemy.
  • Finding beings - the ability to detect all creatures nearby.
  • Misty Form - the transformation in invulnerable cloud of mist, which allows to restore health, magic, and stamina.
  • Supernatural Reflexes - all about slowing down and moving faster vampire lord.
  • Treatment of blood - bite victim's murder during a power attack completely restores stamina.
  • Toxic claws - a melee vampire lord inflicts poison damage.
  • Cloak of the night - to combat the vampire lord envelops a flock of bats biting nearby enemies.

Lycanthropy - is a disease that gives the character the ability to contact the werewolf.

  • eerie howl - it gives others the horror.
  • Howl of the pack - urges members of the pack to help.
  • Scent of Blood - allows you to recognize the smell of blood surrounding beings. All creatures in a large radius of illuminated red-pink light.
  • Scent of Blood - devouring corpses restores health.
  • Totem ice brothers - the totem of the brotherhood of howling wolves convenes snow.

Dragons – There is no reliable information about how the dragons appeared. According to the dremora, polled in the League of Whispers, they simply were. Eternal, immortal, unchanging and adamant. They are not born and do not hatch from eggs. They do not mate and do not bring offspring. So far, no one has discovered dragon eggs or dragon cubs. Although they are not born, dragons can die. However, this applies only to the lower dragons. The strongest representatives of the species can not be killed in the world of people, only to destroy the physical shell, after that the dragon can return again.

  • Dragon Language – An ancient dialect, native to representatives of the race of dragons. With sufficient mastery of this language, some words can be used as screams, which will lead to the emergence of various magical effects, such as, for example, calling flames, currents of frost, wind, slowing down time or repelling the enemy. These abilities are known as Tu'um .
  • Immortality – The strongest dragons possess immortality and are difficult to kill in the world of people, death from ordinary influences means only the destruction of the physical shell. Become vulnerable after applying the concept of mortality.
  • Flight – Dragons are capable of developing a fairly high speed and can deftly dodge enemy spears and spells. The strongest representatives of its kind are able to travel between worlds.
  • Soul absorption – Like the Dragonborn, dragons can absorb the souls of fallen fellows, they can gain knowledge of the deceased and increase their strength.
  • Time – For dragons, time is only a river by which they slip.
  • Resistance – Dragons are immune to all known kinds of illusions, also, the strongest dragons have spiritual resistance and their soul is difficult to absorb.

Dragonborn – («DO-Vah-KiiN») – Dovahkin» in the dragon tongue) - the one who is blessed Akatosh "dragon's blood". Because of this master of the art voice. Has the ability to Thu'um - is the art of screaming dragons language is a kind of magic in Nirn. Each cry has a certain strength.

  • Ruthless power – The voice becomes the focus of power, on its way it repels everything and everything. The strength of Dovakin's voice is comparable to Mirak, who is able to sever the island from the mainland and continue to move it further by the power of voice.
  • Fleshlessness – A cry that turns Dovakin into an etheric form when the voice reaches the Void. Being in this state, he can not receive or cause damage.
  • Harmony Keane – This is a dragon cry that soothes animals. Animals affected by the scream will not fight or run away. Allows you to see all the nearest animals, highlighting the action of the scream all the time.
  • Voice Throw – This is a dragon cry that is heard from the point on the surface marked by Dovakin. Hostile creatures and other enemies often go to investigate the source of sound, which makes it possible to use this cry for distraction. Scream has a limited range and fools only those who have not noticed you yet.
  • Wuthering call – A cry calling for a thunderstorm with lightning striking all nearby from the one who applied it. Lightning strikes random targets, which can become and are not hostile characters. Nevertheless, the lightning that has applied this cry does not affect.
  • Friendship with the Beasts – This is a cry that makes animals in the vicinity, fight on the side of Dovakin.
  • Deceleration of time – Dragon cry, allowing to slow down time itself around. The scream itself is somewhat cunning, since it slows down the opponent, and Dovakin himself, but to a lesser extent.
  • Fright – Those who heard the voice ran away, seized with horror.
  • Ice mold – This is a dragon cry that imprisons enemies in an ice shell, making them immobile. If the enemy strikes while it is frozen, the ice crust disappears and it will break free. Frozen enemies receive a small amount of damage from the cold, until the shell is broken or melt.
  • Frost Breath – A cry that allows Dovakin to breathe cold, dealing damage and slowing down nearby enemies. Also there is a chance to chock the enemy in the ice.
  • Fire Breath – A cry that allows Dovakin to breathe fire, inflicting damage and setting fire to nearby enemies. Also there is a chance to stun the enemy, causing him to shake.
  • Disarmament – This is a dragon cry that knocks the weapon out of the opponent's hands. He is able to hit several enemies simultaneously. Disarmed enemies for a while will be stunned, and then pick up the broken weapons and continue to fight if the player or someone else will not pick it up before.
  • Death sentence – A dragon cry that draws life energy and damages the target's armor, making it more vulnerable to physical damage.
  • The swift pull – This is a dragon cry that allows Dovakin to move swiftly forward. It can be used next to enemies to exit the battlefield, to cross gorges in hard-to-reach areas or simply to move faster.
  • Clear sky – A dragon cry that improves the weather. Skyrim himself obeys his voice, the fog dissipates and the weather becomes clear.
  • Whisper aura – Dragon cry, analogue of the spell life-finding spell. However, there is a difference: this cry allows you to detect not only living beings, but also Dwemer mechanisms, daedra and undead.
  • Elemental rage – This is a dragon cry that gives Dovakin the speed of the wind, so that he quickly attacks. The more words of scream learned, the faster the speed. With fully studied scream, the attack speed with any weapon is doubled.
  • Absorption of life – Dragon cry, allowing to absorb the magical and vital energy of the enemy, as well as his reserve of forces.
  • Subordination of will – Cry, which consists of three words with different effects. The first word is used as a tool for enchanting objects, for example a huge stone that will take control of all people within the radius of the scream. The second word allows you to control the mind of various creatures and representatives of intelligent races. The third word allows you to control the dragons, so they can be saddled.
  • Cyclone – The voice creates a powerful cyclone that sows chaos among the enemies, throwing them into the air.
  • Battle Rage – This scream increases the attack speed of your allies' weapons.
  • Soul Break – This is a dragon cry, based on the "Alok-Dylon" (necromancy), which allows you to capture the soul of a defeated enemy and resurrect it as an undead companion.
  • Call of the Dragon – This is a dragon cry, with which you can summon Odawing to help in the battles.
  • Appeal of Dyurnevir – This is a dragon cry that allows you to summon a dragon-undead named Djurnevir from Cairn Souls.

The Gifts of Hermaeus Mora :

  • Secret of Power – Power attacks do not consume power for 30 seconds.
  • The secret of protection – Attack damage is halved within 30 seconds.
  • The Secret of Witchcraft – Spells do not consume magical energy for 30 seconds.
  • Curse of Mora – Forces the target to solidify between Oblivion and Tamriel for 30 seconds, becoming completely invulnerable to all types of damage.
  • The Suffering of Mora – Calls for a field of living tentacles, poisoning opponents.
  • The agony of Mora – Allows you to fully restore the vital, magical energy and reserve of forces.
  • Force Seeker – Fighting skills are becoming more effective.
  • The Seeker of Magic – All spells consume less magical energy, enchantments are more effective.
  • Shadow Finder – Thieves' skills become more effective.
  • Understanding a lover – Damage to the opposite sex in combat is increased. When you trade with a representative of the opposite sex, prices are more profitable.
  • Understanding a colleague – Attacks, screams and destruction spells do not inflict damage on allies.
  • Understanding the scientist – Reading skills books increases the skill by one extra point.
  • Black market – It calls a trade dormor, with which you can trade.
  • The Secret Servant – Causes a dremor-lackey who will carry things.
  • Knowledge of the bard – A phantom drum that plays, speeding up the regeneration of the reserve of forces and your allies in the vicinity.
  • Power of Dragonborn – Cry The ruthless force inflicts more damage and can disintegrate opponents.
  • Flame of Dragonborn – After killing the enemy with a cry of fiery breath from his corpse appears a fiery serpent battling on the side of the used.
  • Frost of the Dragonborn – Scream Frost breath chases opponents into the ice.
  • The Incarnation of the Dragon – Encourages ghostly dragon gloves, armor and helmets, increasing armor, resistance to frost and fire, increasing the damage from power attacks and reducing the time between screaming, encourages the Ancient Dragonborn if health falls rapidly.

Magic - clean energy that can be converted into different forms for different purposes. Magic comes from Aetherius (the world of the gods), and Mundus (the human world) it falls through the gaps in Oblivion: The stars and the sun.

  • Alchemy – It is designed to extract magical properties from ordinary substances. These ingredients are taken in pure form, or potions are prepared from them to provide long-lasting effects, such as general healing or healing ailment, walking on water, magic protection and strengthening physical properties. However, potions are not always useful, a skilled alchemist is able to prepare a variety of different in the way, time and strength of the action of poisons.
  • Enchantment – This skill regulates the creation, use and recharge of enchanted items. People who have this skill developed can successfully create new subjects. Enchanted items in the hands of an experienced character require less energy and can effectively be recharged from soul stones.
  • Destruction Magic - this school controls the fire element, ice, and lightning. Each element has its own peculiarity, inherent only to it.
    • Fire - the least demanding to the element of magical energy. Fire spells medium-shells airspeed. They are aimed at inflicting maximum physical damage. Moreover, they set fire to the target, inflicting more damage.
    • Ice - a cold element of magical energy is medium cost for reading spells and thus slow the flight of projectiles. Her spells, besides the application of physical damage, and slow the target and pulled her endurance.
    • Lightning - the highest in magical energy cost, but it is the fastest, so that from its attacks virtually impossible dodge. In addition to the application of physical damage, it depletes stocks of magical purpose, so the most effective against mages.
  • Recovery Magic - the rebuilding of schools run by the energy of life, allowing the wound to heal, cast out the undead, create magical amulets, absorbing as physical and magic damage.
    • Treatment - the energy of life is capable of reducing the living flesh, even the most hopeless heal wounds and severe injuries. The magical energy stimulates the growth of cells, increasing their division, almost immediately creating new tissue.
    • Amulets - mage uses magical energy to create a wall, absorbing magical damage. The better a magician owns the spell, the more durable and long-term wards it creates.
    • Consecration - adventurers who want to try their luck in the ancient tombs, temples and ruins, learn spells that can scare off the undead. These forces are helping to keep her at a distance, while the magician at the time empties the treasury, it sets traps or just training in skill. Practices and attacking spells, burning down evil.
  • Alteration Magic - changing schools allow to manipulate the physical world and its natural properties.
    • Paralysis - paralysis cerebral forces control the processes in the body of creatures. Creating braking whole brain and affecting the spinal cells, paralysis seizes the body target, causing it to turn to stone. Immobilized entity can not take any action to speak, but could see.
    • Matter - matter control spells can change its properties, giving greater elasticity and strength. The magical energy transforms itself cellular and molecular structure, changing the characteristics of the material, whether it be skin creatures, armor or ore. Alchemists found by this method to transform the iron into force gold and silver.
    • Light - a spell of light can create magical lighting and are the most simple. Magical energy is used as fuel and the anchor by which they engaged to objects and follow them. Generated light is always much brighter than any torch and helps travelers in dark dungeons and environments.
    • Telekinesis - owning that power wizards for a short period of time to subdue the gravity, which makes it possible to move almost any object in space and throw them over a long distance to stun or to attract his attention.
    • Genesis - current knowledge of life and death, the nature of existence and allows magicians to see the aura for a short time living and the dead around him. The magical energy creates impulses around the caster, which are reflected from the living and the dead, and returned to it, allowing the eyes to see the location of surrounding beings, even through walls. Spells also scan the mental aura of creatures and can distinguish between a magician, hostile or not.
  • Illusion Magic - School illusion manipulated by mind creatures, leading them into a frenzy or, alternatively, forcing to flee in fear.
    • Rage - clouds the mind beings, causing them to attack any counterclaim. It allows you to wreak havoc and discord in the enemy ranks
    • Fear - will suppress the enemy and makes him flee from mage. While acts buffs, the goal is not to engage in battle and try to escape from the caster.
    • Invisibility - allows you to get out of sight most of the creatures by creating a special aura around the body, bending light. Much increases the chances of covert penetration, but the effect disappears when interacting with objects in the world.
    • Consolation - soothing charms captivate the hearts and minds of many beings, causing them to leave the dispute and return to civilian life for some time. Opponents can rush into battle again, if you be attacked. It is also necessary to remember that the spell works differently to all beings.
    • Encouragement - the power of the spell raises the morale of creatures, it improves their health and stamina. More advanced spells capable of improving knowledge of combat skills in a short period of time.
    • Silence - silence forces the precepts of sound and resonance of matter. They suppress the sounds of the caster, allowing you to move almost silently. The greater degree

Magic of Sorcery – School of Sorcery allows you to reanimate dead bodies, summon creatures from various Oblivion's plans, summon magic weapons and catch the souls of defeated enemies.

  • Summon a weapon – Even beginners understand and have access to some spells of this power, allowing you to summon ghost weapons for a while. More skilled wizards are able to capture the souls of those killed by this weapon and expel the summoned creatures with one blow back to Oblivion.
  • Capturing the Souls – Enveloping the target with magical charms, the spell captures the soul of the dying and imprisons it, the stone of souls.
  • Control of creatures – This power allows you to summon an animal or Daedra from Oblivion for some time to help the caster. Experienced sorcerers are able to manipulate enemy-called creatures and control two creatures simultaneously for a long period of time.
  • Resuscitation of corpses – This force is subject to resuscitation of dead flesh. The raised corpse will fight on the side of the caster for a while, then it will turn to ashes. Masters of this skill are able to control simultaneously two reanimated corpses of indefinite time.

Mantling – This phenomenon is extremely conscious, its purpose is obvious merger of the two names, and the conscious incarnation of a deceased person. As soon as a person begins to consciously walk in the footsteps of his idol, gradually adjusting to the hero name, in Snorukavnom space between their names resonance occurs, it is amplified, its amplitude increases, touching all the new aspects of personality Mantler, and so continues as long as under the influence the individual character, his personality Mantler is not converted into its almost complete likeness of his idol.

For centuries has the Storm Crown languished witht no worthy brow to sit on.

By our breath we bestow it now to you in the name of Kyne, in the name of Shor, and in the name of Atmora of old.

Now you are Ysmir, the Dragon of the North. Hearken to it.

On elnofekse Storm Crown is Talos.

The Greybeards, for years in silence, uttered just one name.

Tiber Septim, a young man, they called him to High Hrothgar.

They blessed him and called him Dragonborn

  • Shezarrin – is the epitome of dead people of God Lorkhan.
  • Prisoner – a kind of loophole. Say something like someone called Dragonborn, appears out of nowhere ... "born under the stars unknown unknown parents" (by the way, about this sending: that makes Aurbis Prisoner so powerful mythical figure?). A Eight Limbs (and Lost ninth) always, always make sure that a loophole is found. Sometimes to the detriment of themselves, that's for sure, but most of the rate that exactly the fact to ensure the survival of the current Kalpa.
  • CHIM- King . The realization that reality is a lie and sleep, and the ability to change the dream. We should be afraid of a zero sum. It may lead to the awakening divinity, and all sleep over. As the process of delicious apotheosis when being bent inward and outward in the "form, which is always new." Those who are unable to reach this state, called "denote", experiencing an indescribable feeling of divinity and become free from the world egg restrictions. In simple terms, the state of CHIM provides relief from all the known laws of the divine worlds. This return to the first panel, Anu-pad ', where stasis and change to create opportunities. ( It is the realization that the whole world, the whole of life - in fact do not exist. They exist only as a dream forces, which, for lack of a better word, is called God. All things, including you yourself, in God there is only a dream, and you - a piece of his mind for a split second is able to gain self-awareness. Most are not capable of long-term possession of self-consciousness. Their minds can not bear two contradicting the truth: "I exist" and "I do not exist", resulting in a final denial of personality known as "zero sum". 1 + (-1) = 0. "Pronulsummirovatsya" means literally vaporize. To achieve CHIM, you need to take the next step - to realize the two truths simultaneously. Fold one and minus one, and get anything other than zero.)
  • I have broken the world with his left hand - he said - but in the right hand I have his chance to destroy me. Love is controlled only by my will. "
  • Fixed warrior never gets tired. He cuts sleep holes in the middle of the battle to regain their strength.
  • ... put on his armor and stepped into the non-spatial gap , making lethal interactions and intangible information map of all minds ever known - an event developed by the likeness of the divine spark.
  • projection of death – Death of Talos projection back into the waking world.
  • Interrupting zero-sum - is able to ignore the multiplication by zero on deity.
  • Zero-sum - directs dissatisfaction deity the enemy.
  • acausality – Talos exists outside of time and space and can move freely between them and the "middle world".
  • Manipulating logic – Talos ignore logic and within the same phenomenon may be several variations thereof.
  • Endless variations – Talos is in the form of its endless variations in endless changes of its history.
  • C0das – These are endless changes Dovahkiin's own history, which tend to focus around a particular pattern of events, but nevertheless contain versions that he did not. You can think of this as a simple number. Most integers are not important (most c0das are not very different from the general pattern), but, within an infinite set of integers, an infinite set of beginnings (within the infinite set of c0das, their infinite sum really differs from the general pattern).
  • Endless possibilities - Between the ubiquitous laws of Divinity, with endless variations and the overall structure c0das Aurbis and subgradients within most c0das, there are dreams. Having learned CHIM, Talos found them and got endless possibilities.
  • Conceptual manipulation – Dragonborn applied to Alduin the concept of death.
  • Enantiomorphs – You may know them individually and as a last Dragonborn and Mirak, but after the battle of the apocryphal, from there it will come out regardless of the winner of Mirak - The Last Dragonborn

Master theft- can steal the enemy dressed in the clothes (ie, for example, the enemy is dressed in armor of God, Dragonborn steals it directly in combat...

Conceptual Power - a sufficiently pumped ability to sneak, sharpening weapons, and other factors. Dragonborn is capable kill almost any opponent in a single shot (hit).

Skyrim dragonborn by pancreas888-d745nvp





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