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Powers and Stats

Tier: 2-C | Likely Low 1-C | Possibly 1-B

Name: Dormammu, Lord of Darkness, Lord of Chaos, Devourer of Souls, the great mystery

Origin: Marvel Comics

Gender: Male

Classification: Faltine, Lord of the Dark Dimension, Cosmic being

Age: At least millions of years old.

Powers and Abilities: Super strength, super speed, invulnerability, flight, life force absorption, can create force fields, reality warping in his own dimension, telepathy (both offensive and defensive), soul manipulation, energy and matter manipulation, time travel, powerful telepathic abilities and telepathic defenses, illusion creation, shape shifting (includes changing his size), can travel through time or between universes, can absorb other realms into his own,Immortality (type 1, 2, 4), regeneration (type 7), uncausality (type 2), magic, mental manipulation, manipulation of souls, energy manipulation, the manipulation of matter, space manipulation, manipulation of time, dimensional manipulation, manipulation of reality and etc

Attack Potency: Universe level+ | Likely Low Complex Multiverse level within the Dark Dimension (He is a higher-dimensional entity).| Possibly Hyperverse level

Speed:Infinite | likely omnipresence

Lifting Strength: The level of the galaxy | Immeasurable

Striking Strength: Universe level+ | Immeasurable| Immeasurable

Durability: Universe level+ | Likely Low Complex Multiverse level+| Possibly Hyperverse level

Stamina: Virtually Inexhaustible

Range: Complex Multiversal | Possibly Hyperversal

Standard Equipment: The Flames of the Faltine

Intelligence: Super Genius,Capable of outsmarting cosmic beings, extreme knowledge of magic, intimate knowledge of many magical realms and universes.

Fighting skills: The skills of the game of chess with the Asgardian gods, born leader, the wily manipulator, a powerful mage, also has some skills of martial arts

Weaknesses: Not able to use all his strength is from the Dark Dimension, as the flow of energy from the Dark Dimension may be blocked as a consequence of which Dormammu will be significantly weakened

Notable Attacks/Techniques: 'Felton' </ span> - a race of creatures that live in a multidimensional universe of energy that has no substance. Because of this nature, Dormammu from birth has a huge stock of mystical power and ability to control it. In addition, it has increased its supply by absorbing other Feltayn. Also, due to the fact that Dormammu is composed entirely of mystical energy, he possesses immortality and is able to reform his body, even after the complete destruction with the subsequent dispersion of it in the multiverse.

  • Flame Feltayn </ span> - with the call mortal Feltayn forces can move freely in space and time. Dormammu also stated that its flame is able to destroy the Celestials.

'Magic' </ span> - Dormammu has tremendous magical powers, so that, with the help of his magic, he is able to achieve almost any effect. Also, he can use the strength and knowledge of other wizards. Here are some examples of abilities Dormammu:

  • Changing the look of </ span> - Dormammu is able to take almost any form.
  • Astral Projection </ span> - Dormammu is able to project its image, which can communicate with others at a distance.
  • souls Management </ span> - Dormammu is able to absorb and manage the souls, if desired, he can resurrect the dead. So he is able to confer magical powers aim to expand or her physical capabilities.
  • Elementalist </ span> - Dormammu is able to control the natural elements
  • </ span> Transfiguration - Dormammu is able at will to transform matter into something, as it applies to non-material and energy facilities.
  • Call </ span> - Dormammu can promote or even create various dark creatures, as he participated in the creation of such a powerful demon as Satanish.
  • Manipulation dimensional boundaries </ span> - Dormammu is able to control the dimensional boundaries so he could destroy the barrier separating the Dark Dimension to other realities, in addition Dormammu can create pocket universes locking it objectionable.

'Dark Dimension' </ span> - irrational multidimensional Dimension, which is a fusion of a variety of physical and abstract realities. Dormammu is a patrimony in which it draws its strength and has almost infinite power.

  • Worlds Absorption </ span> - The dark dimension is constantly growing due to the merger with the realities of the enslaved.

'The Heart of Eternity' </ span> - due to the shift of space Dormammu force axis repeatedly rose and united with his sister he challenged Multi Eternity. After the victory, Dormammu has gained enough power to rewrite the multiverse in his own image and likeness


'base | The Dark dimension </ span> | Shift Space axis </ span> '

'Note: The profile can contain inaccuracies, some of the concepts may be revised and specifications are subject to change.'

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