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I have looked into the future, I have seen how one violent action after another spins the world toward a future where all that remains of Earth is a burned out cinder. Every time I have looked into the future, that is what I have seen. Every time but one. In one possible future mankind becomes united. Cures for all diseases are found. Global conflict ends. Hunger is abolished. Education is universal. And no one goes without. In that world, there are laws. To break even the slightest of these is to suffer immediate and terminal punishment. ...Ten thousand futures have I looked at. A hundred thousand. And in only one does mankind finally unite, and flourish... and survive. Only one. Doomworld.
— Doctor Doom

Tier: Work in Progress |High 1-A | High 1-A | High 1-A | High 1-A With Preparation/Pianos

Name: Victor von Doom, Doctor Doom, Lord Doom, Incredible man, in general a million pseudonyms and other things.

Origin: Marvel

Gender: Male

Age: Unknown,Millions of years (actually)

Classification: Man, magician, dictator of Latveria,Sorcerer Supreme

Powers and Abilities: Super-genius intellect, Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Power armor, Magical skills, Incredible willpower, Vast knowledge of hand-to-hand combat techniques, Mind control, Able to create illusions, Energy projection, Teleportation, Dimensional travel, Force field projection, Summoning hordes of demonic creatures, Resistant to telepathy | Manipulation of Pianos|

Attack Potency: Work in Progress |High Outerverse level (He killed The Beyonders, and after the Molecule Man absorbed their power, Doom was allowed to channel it) | High Outerverse level(with Powers of Pre-Retcon Beyonder) | Work in progress| However, the most dangerous is not the destructive potential of the Doom, but its special ability, the absolute conceptual ability - "Preparation"

Speed: Work in Progress | Irrelevant | Omnipresent | Omnipresent

Lifting Strength: Work in Progress | Irrelevant | Irrelevant | Irrelevant

Striking Strength: Work in Progress |High Outerversal | High Outerversal | High Outerversal

Durability: Work in Progress |High Outerverse level | High Outerverse level | High Outerverse level

Stamina: Work in Progress | Limitless | Limitless | Limitless

Range: Work in Progress | High Outerversal | High Outerversal | High Outerversal

Intelligence: Super Genius On the classification of his world, an outstanding tactician, strategist and scientist. The ingenious hacker, the designer. His mind is like a complex computer, he is able to create not only complex mechanisms, but artificial sources of power that is inaccessible to him.| Omniscient | Omniscient

Combat skills: Very High


Titanium Armor - The original armor of the Doom, which he uses constantly. The armor was forged in a magical way in Tibet. The armor has a built-in nuclear generator, and the armor is equipped with a computer system. The filling of armor, its combat systems, defensive systems can vary.

  • Superhuman physical characteristics - Armor of Doom, reinforces it to superhuman performance. Doom becomes faster and stronger. It is logical that the defense of the Duma in armor is much increased.
  • Flight - Armor of Doom, gives him the ability to fly at speeds exceeding human.
  • Video connection - In the armor is built a video communicator, which allows the Duma to communicate with any similar device in the planetary range.
  • Electricity control - Armor gives Doom the ability to control electricity and produce them in the form of electrical discharges with a capacity of 100,000 mega volts.
  • Energy Attacks - Doom Is able to project from the hands or from the eyes, a destructive energy attack in the form of blasts or rays.
  • Barriers - Armor of Doom is protected by all kinds of barriers and shields. Maximum Doom is able to cover standard shields of 2.5 meters, its barriers can at the same time protect others.
    • Attacking barriers - The armor is surrounded by a complex system of all kinds of barriers, including attacking. Anyone who tries to touch the Duma will receive a powerful charge of electricity. The impact of electricity is so strong that it can cut down even very strong creatures.
  • Gain - Doom is able to intensify his attacks with energy or electricity, which would cause additional damage.
  • Additional surveillance systems - Armor of Doom is equipped with all kinds of surveillance systems. Infrared vision, sensory systems, optical sensors, eyepieces, ear amplifiers.
  • Absorption of energy - The ability of armor to absorb different types of energy - heat, solar energy and radiation, magic and other types of energy.
  • Specific protection system - In the Doom's armor built-in a specific defense system that gives him protection against a variety of non-standard abilities. For example, in his armor there is a compartment for the splinters of the true cross, so this protection grants him the ability to ignore the abilities of his various devices and machines.
  • Other systems - In addition to permanent systems and weapons, any other devices and mechanisms of the Duma can be used in the armor. Energy fists, drills, darts, ion blades, devices of hypnosis and illusions and some others.

Armor of Iron Man - Any Stark armor is a multi-purpose tactical armor that has a whole range of all kinds of devices, systems, weapons and other technologies. Armor increases Stark's fighting performance and allows him to fight on an equal footing with superhumans.

  • Superhuman physical characteristics - Armor increases the strength, speed and strength of Stark to incredible performance. In the armor, it is capable of raising a lot of weight, responding to high speed and withstand the exorbitant damage and load.
  • Flight - Any one of Stark's armor gives him the ability to fly at high speeds. As a rule, even the early versions of the armor had the ability to fly at supersonic speeds. While advanced and modern types of armor are able to easily reach hypersound, or even such a speed at which they can go to distant space.
  • Source of power - Different types of armor use different types of food. Early types used solar cells for power, electric batteries, miniature nuclear reactors. While modern use generators based on the technology of repulsors. They are very effective and durable.
  • Absorption - As a rule, any, even very old types of armor, are able to absorb different types of energy. For recharging, to increase your energy, which can later be used in attack. Armor can absorb virtually any type of energy - thermal, solar, electrical, magnetic, geothermal, kinetic or the energy of the planet itself. Sometimes some types of armor could absorb even cosmic force, cosmic energy and magic.
  • Autonomic life support system - Almost any Stark's armor is ready for any environment conditions, automatically. In it are provided whole heaps of protective systems. For example, the armor is completely sealed and is capable of carrying out operations under water or in a vacuum. And as a rule it is protected from electrical, thermal, chemical, biological, nuclear, corrosive and kinetic threats.
  • Device for controlling magnetism - In each armor a special device is built in which Stark can control magnetism. It can generate magnetic fields to control metal objects, or vice versa, the same device serves to protect against such forces.
  • On-board computer - The armor has an internal interface that can run under different operating systems. Serves for various purposes - analysis of the enemy, environment, environment, tactics and strategy development, reference information. And also automatic control of the armor without Stark's participation, if he so wishes.
  • Sensor system - The whole system of various sensors, radars, lidars, scanners, night vision devices and other systems is built into the armor.
  • Limit system - Stark can bring certain systems to the maximum, essentially breaking the armor limit. However, not always such actions are activated without any losses. For example, the defensive system can be refused, the barriers can be disconnected. However, as a rule, it's worth it.
  • Protective systems - Stark has a very wide range of protective systems. Starting from the simple armor of the armor and ending with all kinds of barriers, shields (even from mental and telepathic influences), barriers and other things. As a rule, ordinary armor is made of the most durable and flexible metals and alloys known to mankind.
    • Energy barriers - The main defense system of Stark. Stark's shock, energy protective barriers are probably even stronger than the usual armor armor. It is able to withstand almost everything - finding in the epicenter of a nuclear explosion, the temperature of a star, the full spectrum of any type of energy attack. At 2% of the shields, they are no longer harmed by a nuclear explosion, while the radioactive element is much more radioactive than uranium, does not pose any threat to Stark. Nothing is terrible for these barriers, even attacks capable of breaking the bond between atoms will not break through.
  • Combat Systems - In the Stark's armor, as a rule, a whole weapon system is built in. The main systems are repulsor and uni-rays. But besides them, anything can be built into the armor (flamethrowers, machine guns, rocket launchers, cannons shooting at absolute zero and much more).
    • Repulsor Beams - The main weapon of any type of Stark's armor. The repulsor is a form of a dense beam of muons, which is projected in the form of destructive energy attacks. Repulsor beams are guided by magnets and focused by electrostatic lenses. The beam can have a different range, power and intensity.
    • Uni-Beam - A universal projector of almost any type of energy. The power and range of this weapon is also regulated. And it can be as relatively weak, and extremely powerful, causing shock waves and with powerful feedback.
    • Other weapons systems - This can include anything: lasers, impulse bolts, energy blades, impulse discharges, all kinds of rockets, plasma cannons, percussion devices, sound cannons, tasers, beams and projectors of various effects (for example, absolute zero temperatures), cluster bombs, electromagnetic Impulse guns and many others.

Cloak of Levitation - provides the ability to levitate Strange, and much easier to use the cloak you use Special Spell. Use cloak can only be experienced magician. If necessary, it can change the shape and appearance.

  • Remote control - Strange is able to control the Cloak and call him to help from anywhere in the universe, and even then when he is outside the universe.

Eye Agamotto - a powerful artifact that gives its users a number of useful abilities. It is worth mentioning that when using the Eye on the forehead magician appears mystical third eye. It gives the user a number of capabilities, for example - telepathy, revealing the truth, light is very bright mystic light (to mitigate the evil creatures). In the Eye of a variety of interesting abilities, but one of the main - is the possibility of mystical and magical perception. Artifact moves in the astral form of the magician, who uses it, and using it can only "white magician".

  • Moving - It is obvious that in the artifact, there is an inner void or similar property. Which, at the request of the magician, expands and is able to absorb the spells of enemies, turning them into nothing. Also, this same ability can also be used to move Strange himself or his enemies (against their will naturally).
  • Mental manipulation - The eye, as well as the Strange, is able to mentally control other beings.
  • Manipulation of time - The eye is able to control time, and also destroy it. Once it was used to destroy the time loop. There are many options for this ability, for example time management at the local level, or manipulating the time of a particular creature or object.
  • Manipulation of matter - The eye is capable of controlling matter itself. Manage energy and matter at the level of protons and transform it at the desire of Strange
  • Barriers - The artefact has its own barriers that protect Strange as well as his own barriers.
  • Energy Attacks - The Eye is capable of producing powerful energy attacks capable of easily penetrating the Seraphim Shield (which ignores attacks and influences from Sittorak).
  • Extrasensory perception - With the help of the Oka, he is able to observe anything at the macro level, even many planes of existence, simultaneously.
  • Huge magical power - The power of the artifact is enormous. The powers of his abilities are enough to work and influence the beings of the Nightmare level in their own high-dimensional dimension, in which they are all-powerful.
  • Absorption of vitality - The eye is able to absorb the life force of any being. Even one that was originally created from magical energy.
  • Creating Corridors - Oka's ability to create corridors between dimensions with magical flame properties, which nevertheless does not burn and does not burn. Through these corridors you can move to any dimension with the speed of thought.
  • Unity - Achieving unity and inner purity with the Eye, Strange is able to unite with the Eternity itself.
  • Mystic emptiness - An eye can create a void that captures enemy enemy attacks, and stores them in itself. At the moment when Strange considers it necessary, emptiness may reappear, and release all the energy of enemy attacks on the enemy.
  • Mystical Light - The eye is capable of producing a mystical light that affects the dark forces. Destroying them.
  • Passive protection - In addition to the barriers and shields that the Eye can create, it provides the user with passive protection from all sorts of magic, and not just manipulation. Including spatial, conceptual, manipulation of souls, mental manipulation and others.

Scope Agamotto - used to travel in Agamotto Dimension, as well as to look and travel to other worlds and dimensions. Scope can fix any use of magic in every point of the Universe. Scope is related to the Eye Agamotto, and possessing one of the artifacts, you can use the other to teleport between them.

  • Protection from changing reality - The sphere is able to protect the owner from direct manipulation of reality, including from such powerful artifacts as Infinity Stones and Infinity Glove, as well as from various cosmic beings and abstractions.

Vatumba Scroll - A scroll containing knowledge that was once written down by Vatoumba himself. The scroll increases the magical power of the magician who uses it, and also contains a great magical power and knowledge with all sorts of spells. For example, one of the spells from the scroll is able to easily resist one of the Infinity Gems(Space).

Rod of Vatumba - Another artifact Vatuumba, and probably the most powerful of its artifacts. Allows you to control a huge mystical energy on a large scale. Attack the enemy, defend yourself with magic barriers, channel energy into various artifacts and much more.

Book of Vishanti - One of the most powerful magical relics, if not the most powerful. Vishanti's book contains immense, literally magical knowledge and spells, since the book contains an infinite number of pages. The book contains literally everything about magic, ranging from cosmology itself to all sorts of magical practices, ways, spells, and much more.

  • Deviation -The book has a magical power, reject any magic that is directed at it.
  • Teleproration - The book is capable of sending the enemy on a journey through all the endless dimensions of Vishanti, from which he naturally does not return.

Attacks, techniques and abilities:

Magic - this is an energy / magic substance, which is used by magicians to achieve various magical effects. The strength of any magician depends directly on its magical power, and the number and types of magic spells that he knows, the stronger the greater the strongest mage magic he can use. Magic is divided into 3 main types, of which the magician draws its strength:

  • Arcanum Ego - also known as the spiritual energy or life. Using this type of magic, the magician draws power directly from the spiritual / vitality. Inexperienced mages are risking using this type of magic, as great a chance of losing its vitality, the soul, in the case of an error. By this type include certain types of mental and psychological magic, but they should not be confused with the mental and psychic energies.
  • Arcanum Eco - also known as the energy of the universe. This magic has existed since the time of the original, and everywhere in endless variations. It is this magic power is used by many powerful wizards, as a universal, which is everywhere. The magic that comes directly from Eternity, and on the basis of eternity applies everywhere, all the plans, elements. </span>
  • Arcanum Exo - a highly developed form of magic used by only a very developed and powerful wizards. This type of magic is based on the existence of normal dimensions and universes, this magic is subject to its own laws, usually directly opposite to the laws of our universe. Very experienced magicians contracts with powerful dimensional Lords that exist outside the normal universe and multiverse, in their own dimensions. However, not every magician is able to here and so easy to sign a contract with such a dimensional Lords Sittorak, icons, Raggadorr, need training, as well as compliance entire ritual, and with high accuracy. The magician must literally represent what it does, how does as well as dimensional Lords themselves.
    • Gestures and spell - you must first clear the sequence between a succession of complex spells (over time may reduce the spell structure down to a single sentence or word pairs), followed by a few graceful gestures and opens interdimensional communication
    • Manifestation - a manifestation of the effect, which comes from spells and gestures.
    • Implications - did not come for free, and gives you? Measuring Lord can not respond to the call of the mage, finding him weak, unworthy, or just when it will be too lazy. However, even if the relationship between the wizard and the Lord established and strong, not everyone is given just like that, for every effect you have to pay. Measuring how the Lord can take the soul of the magician (in one of the worst-case scenario), or make a mage fight for the honor dimensional Lord, for thousands of years.

Types of magic - something that can make the magician with magic depends purely on its strength, magical knowledge and training. Some do not go further than simply moving in space and control elements. Others ascend so high, that they are able to manage the fundamentals of the universe, and even reach the level of magical power, the legendary demons and dimensional lords.

  • The astral manipulation - Strange is able to easily use astral manipulation. It can easily move in the astral form, throw someone in the astral plane of existence, lead the battle in astral form. Also, unlike many others, Strange is able freely to influence and affect the physical world of the astral plane.
    • Astral counterparts - Strange is able to divide his own astral projection into a lot of astral duplicates, which would bring the enemy into a stupor.
    • Tracking - By itself as an experienced user of astral manipulation, Strange can track, discover and see the astral projection of another being.
  • Intangibility - in the form of astral forms, and regular intangibility, which allows the magician to pass through solid obstacles.
  • Print - Strange owns a wide range of seals. He is able to temporarily seal / hold beings who planned to seize the whole of humanity on the mental level. But this is nothing compared to the fact that it can seal anything different in space and time,
  • Move - like most magicians, he could move between dimensions, planes of reality universes.
  • Gain - Strange way to strengthen, for example, energy from other dimensions. Thus advance efforts he is able to fight, even with Lord Nightmare, in its own dimension.
  • Moving - Like most mages, it can move between dimensions, planes of reality, universes.
    • Teleportation - Also something like the most common and common magic. Both yourself and many objects at once. It can be used both in peacetime and in combat. In any point of the world, the universe, into other worlds and universes, into other people's dimensions, and in general, anywhere.
  • Accommodation - The ability to grow into other beings against their will. In this Strange is so powerful that he is able to settle even in cosmic abstractions and essences. Of course, he also has a defense against such abilities.
    • Opening the aisle - The ability to open passages or portals to other dimensions and realities. Strange is able to open the portal, even where an extremely powerful wizard can not open the passage.
  • Mystic Aura - Which is enough to keep a particle of the essence of Galactus in it, until it completely reproduces itself.
  • Aura of intimidation - The unknown magical ability, or simply the result of Strange's enormous power, he is capable of passively frightening even extremely powerful creatures.
  • Healing - Strange is able to heal someone from curses, illnesses. He is able to cure even vampirism.
    • Self-healing - способность исцелять себя за мгновения, от небольших ранений типа царапин, небольших переломов и порезов.
  • Exorcism - The ability to expel other creatures, including demonic or even other (from other dimensions), from others or even from oneself.

  • Gain - Strand is able to amplify, for example energy from other dimensions. Thus, in advance, he is able to fight, even with Lord Nightmare, in his own dimension.
  • Accommodation - Strange's ability to settle into another being, by moving into the astral form and moving into the being. In this way, he can move in like a rational being and into an animal.
  • Communication with animals - The ability of Stefan to speak the language of animals, reptiles and possibly other creatures.
    • Strengthening from Sanctum Sanctuary - If desired, Strange can increase simply to colossal levels, surpassing the previous one. And all thanks to geo-magical connections that enhance Strange's magic.
  • The mental manipulation - Strange can use and controlling the mind, nasylaya illusion (his illusions to the same scale and are able to cover the whole village), mesmerizing anyone ( even the most powerful cosmic level creatures). He is able to change the minds of others, forcing to give up anything.
    • Telepathy - The ability to penetrate the minds of others, read minds, destroy their minds, or simply cut them out.
    • Illusions - The ability to send illusions, making many people see what he needs at the moment.
    • Manipulation of memory - Strange can access the memory of any creature, using magic. He can freely control it, wash it.
    • Sleep - The ability to put the creature to sleep, at will.
    • Mental Battles - A massive mental battle with another telepath. During the battle, despite the invisibility of the ordinary eye. In the minds of opponents, a hard battle takes place, in which the enemies use different mental disciplines to defeat the opponent mentally.
  • Manipulation of time - Strange is able to control time in a wide range and variations. He himself does not focus his attention on the concrete control of time, however, he did not ignore this aspect either.
    • Time travel - Strange is able to travel in time and on alternative time flows. At any time that he himself wishes, beginning with the Big Bang and ending with the end of the universe.
      • Temporary teleportation - Combat version of control over time, allows the magician to send the enemy in time. As there are no any restrictions, the opponent can be sent in time both to the future and to the past.
    • Cancel - Strange's ability to cancel similar powers and abilities.
    • Time Stop - Strange's ability to stop time. Both in the local range and on a very wide scale.
    • Acceleration of time - Strange is able to accelerate time, for a certain creature or object.
  • Copy - Strange can create copies of themselves, while he himself chooses what capabilities they endow. It can give them a particular force, and the power which is similar to his own power.
  • Duplicates - The ability to create with the magic of their duplicates. Which in appearance are absolutely identical to Strange himself, and are able to use magic and actively help Stefan to attack the enemies.
  • Sieving / Destruction - Strange sometimes uses the wards and spells that would dissipate or destroy the enemy's magic. Perhaps for him it is much easier than dodge or block the spell.
  • Teleport - as something like the most common and widespread of magic. How are you, and many objects at a time. It can be used both in peacetime and in combat terms. As anywhere in the world, the universe, other worlds and universes in the wrong measurements and in general anywhere.
  • Manipulation of energy - Strange is able to manage energy in a very wide range. It can create a magnetic vortices (which are also more and essential) that emit vibrations outside of the concept of sound.
  • Absorption - Strange can absorb various types of energy. This applies to simple types and very common and for example magic, demonic, and others.
  • Manipulation elements - Probably the most simple magic, since it owns any, even the weakest magician. Strange is naturally familiar with it. He is able to control, create and destroy any element - be it water or fire, lightning or earth, snow, ice and any other possible elements. And his magic is so powerful that it is capable of a simple side effect from using to influence vast territories.
  • Metaphysical Lightning - Strange invokes extremely powerful metaphysical lightnings, which despite their generally normal appearance, are capable of harming and destroying the physical body of the dimensional lord, or cosmic entity.
  • Summon - a very wide variations, from recruiting only the energy and magic. Prior to the call of whole entity, and magical space, dimensional Lords and abstractions. Strange may call Vishanti or Chaos Lord and Master of the Order (the creators of in Betwener as well).
  • empathic manipulation - have the makings of a small Strange and empathy, he is able to manage and absorb the egos of other creatures.
  • Manipulation of matter - Full and total control over matter in any variations.
    • Transformation of matter - The ability to transform matter into any other form that Strange himself wishes. Do it live, or inanimate. There are no limitations theoretically.
    • Destruction of Matter - Complete and irretrievable disintegration of matter.
    • Deformation of matter - Ability is akin to controlling matter. However, Strange distorts matter, deforms the very essence of matter. Transforming the enemy's body into some grotesque ugliness.
    • Matter control - The control of matter is actually more extensive than one can imagine. Strange is able to control tiny particles, such as electrons.
    • Crystal prison - A common spell that allows you to enclose another creature in a certain crystalline form, literally the creature is stuck in the very structure of the crystals. In this case, the strength of the crystals themselves does not matter, only the strength of the magician himself.
  • Barriers - Strange uses all kinds of barriers - magical, dimensional, automatic and many others. Which protect him from all sorts of influences of both sudden and enemy spells (barriers can hold back a whole hail of enemy spells, a whole hail of magical attacks from Umar (the sister of Dormamma), and even reflect the spell of [[Dormamma] himself] he sealed [ Eternity Marvel | Eternity]]). Shields also protect it from an enemy aura, and all sorts of side effects, whether flares, heat or other. It is worth noting that Strange constantly envelops a lot of automatic barriers and shields. And even if you find him in a hurry, it's extremely difficult to hurt him.
    • Mystic Shields - Strange is given passive protection against all kinds of influences from outside. For example, the shield easily protected it from cosmic winds, which could easily disrupt the planet from its orbits. Naturally, such barriers also protect against the effects of the cosmos, creatures that are susceptible to them.
    • Shields of anti-material - Also serve from enemy influences. And probably I can protect against attacks of creatures at the level with Dormammu.
    • Protection gift - Strange is able to give protection to his allies. He can close the barriers and them. Granting them the same full protection as his own barriers.
  • Resistance - Strange is highly resistant to almost any influence on it. For it is no problem to fly at a speed beyond human understanding through the Infinity plan by destroying the path of any dimensional barriers. He is not afraid of no manipulation of time and space, nor non-existence. It does not apply direct manipulation of death. Due to its artifacts, its resistance to even more expansion.
    • Resistance to attacks at different levels of reality - Strange is able to withstand attacks simultaneously at different levels of existence, including within which fantasies can be. The reality was distorted, and Strange fried simultaneously on billions of fires on billions of alien worlds, as well as stoked, pressed with stones, while he was simultaneously sent back in time to Infinity.
  • Weather control - Strange's ability to control the weather. The exact potential of this ability is unknown, but it can cause snow, lightning, storms. At least he is able to call a storm of such strength that he can sink the entire US fleet.
  • The impact and destruction of aspects of reality - Strange's ability to influence, destroy, restore, direct me the very aspects of reality and the universe, and even those that can influence the full universes.
  • Dimensional manipulation - Strange may destroy measurement, and perhaps even create. In a particular form of control over them if you use enough of their forces. Once, for example Strange easily destroyed measurement, because he violated his aesthetic sense. Strange is able to create and measurements.
    • Dimensional attack - Strange is able to create fractures in the very fabric of space-time, destroy the measurement, as well as use and create dimensional weapon.
  • Manipulation souls - Strange might just snatch the soul or spiritual essence of the opponent's body, and do with it whatever he wants.
    • Dark Magic - dark aspects of magic, such as - necromancy, call ghosts, souls exile, dark creatures and beings.
      • Call of the dead - if desired Strange may call and dead.
  • Astronomical manipulation - Strange is able to easily manage the astronomical phenomena. Pluck planets from their orbits and control of the movement of the stars do supernovae, and then control the black holes formed subsequently.
  • Manipulating gravity - including in such large objects as black holes, it can completely reduce the gravitational pull to zero, leaving a black hole in the necessary direction.
  • Acausal - probably Strange is able to easily survive the destruction of the native universe, and hurt him in any way in any way, whether it is the murder in the past or the complete destruction of his own universe, it should not hurt.
  • Immortality - Strange relieved of any age or stage of the passage of age. Since long ago I passed the test of death, and proved that he is worthy of eternal ankh.
    • Freedom from Death - Strange is purely technically free from such a thing as Death. He completely ignores her influence, and even is able to temporarily destroy her manifestation in her own dimension. Even a very angry Death, nothing for him.
  • Extrasensory perception - in addition to the features of the Eye Agamotto, Strange, and he is able to use psychic abilities. Typically, this is achieved with the help of magic. The simplest example - the vision of the past. Also available to him, and clairvoyance, and scanning and sensorstvo and some other types of psychic manipulation. Also, he can see the true nature of Beyonder as well.
  • The magic of disaster - ancient magic, the study of the Strange Vishanti library. Magic change, magic events. Strange used the magic that would protect against attacks and the effect of the measurement of magic. Where there was an endless magic, as its myriad of different variations and types of embodying a certain aspect. And every Strange attacked in full force, along with the others.
  • The magic of chaos - a very powerful form of magic that particular time was not recognized even the great magician. Magic allows you to control and reconstruct the very fabric of existence, and destroy the entire space if desired. Strange that it would be used to cleanse your body from the chaos, and that would be the time to stop. Also, this type of magic is stronger and wins Magic Accidents.

Spell - in fact any magician, limited only by your imagination in terms of creation of magic. Stefan himself the greatest of magicians, showed so much that the transfer of all its opportunities, will take up too much space, we list only the main ones:

  • Hoary Hosts of Hoggoth - encourages demonstration Hoggota in the real universe, which nevertheless is embodied only in the form of a hand (because the strength of any dimensional Lord, is too large for the real universe) whose strength is enough that would steal mjölnir at Thor, and that nothing could do about it.
  • Images of Ikonn - appeals to the power of icons, so it allows you to use a powerful, large-scale, a huge illusion. Strange uses this spell only in extreme and dangerous situations.
  • Crimson Bands of Cytorrak - used for binding and contain something or someone. Force enough spells that would temporarily hold back one of the heads of Seth. You can also use the interdimensional teleportation (posted Kvadrivers demon, who was judging by his words, very, very far away).
  • Seven Rings of Raggadorr - allows you to escape from the spell of magical traps, barriers, traps, etc. Spell Force would be sufficient to resist that Living Tribunal. This spell also can be used as a powerful 7-layer barrier which covers a vast area (could cover the whole of America).
  • Shield of the Seraphim - protection bestowed Seraphim. It is a powerful barrier that is able to move without problems the destruction of the planet, as well as the impact and lock the attacks of Sittorak as well.
  • Wings of Needless Sorrow - one of the plurality of Strange's spell. Is used that would deflate the magical energy of the Dormammu, that would come out as a result of one urvoen with him.
    • The Shades of the Seraphim - a spell that has a very wide range of applications. It allows you to keep the transit time, creating a magic anchor that does not close the passage of time, which can absorb the void. Also, this spell can serve as protection from the sun nucleus atomic energy, which can destroy the astral projection.
  • Flames of the Faltine - a mystical flame immense power. Also could be used in addition to the attacks, to protect the restraining barriers dimensional transitions. </span>
  • Invocations of the Vishanti - probably one of the most universal spell. Urging force Vishanti, can achieve different effects, from illusions and absorption and dimensional finishing expulsion, and control over time.
  • Bolts of Balthakk - encourages a large amount of energy. to devastating energy attacks.
  • Fangs of Farallah - a journey between the measurements, the counter-reset other spells.
  • Demons of Denak </ span> - call and control of the powerful demonic energy.
  • Mists of Munnopor - creating illusions, dimensional exile, the creation of different types of gases.
  • Wastes of Ikthalon - the creation of mystical ice and full control over it. </span>
  • Chains of Krakkan - binding spell.
  • Vipers of Valtorr - illusion, dimensional exile deterrence.
  • Mists of Morpheus - introduces a mystical-induced sleep. </span>
  • Nirvalon - full reset of the enemy.
  • Seven Suns of Cinnibus - generate extremely high-temperature fire, the strength of which is made up of 7 Suns.
  • The Seal of the Vishanti - print is used as a means of defense against vampires (Acts as a crucifix), as well as a detector evil mages. Dark Wizard when you look at the printing, will experience severe pain (which can not in any way remove).
  • The Montesi Formula - very powerful spell, once only uttered it, Strange can destroy all vampires on the planet.
  • The Incantation of Oblivion - very powerful spell. Even that would just say it, we need extremely high forces that exist only in Tribunal (which, when casting spells simply sends the complete entire world in Oblivion). Strange but still has the power that enables him, at least partially, but to reproduce the effect of the spell. Spell literally allows you to see, to feel, to feel the void of absolute nothingness in its entirety. Eternity with Oblivion ... very terrible fate.
    • Power Cosmic - Boundless, divine energy, proceeding from the astral plane of existence. Penetrating into the carrier, this force becomes its basis, essentially replacing it with the soul, permeating all of its being, creating a unique aura. Cosmic power is a unique and universal type of energy that gives the carrier essentially access, to fundamental interactions with the universe.
      • Space travel - Cosmic power, gives its carrier the ability to cross the space, for a short time. Media can easily move from star to star, and even more. For carriers of cosmic power - galaxies are "stops", and the entire universe is one big "freeway".
      • Manipulation of energy - Users of space power are able to control any energy, in any imaginable form. They are able to create energy barriers, use energy attacks, feel any types of energy, transform it and absorb it.
        • Absorption - Carriers of cosmic power, how to control this force, and use it to absorb other sources of energy, that would immediately attack the enemy, strengthen their capabilities, or simply accumulate energy for any other purposes.
      • Manipulation of matter - Most carriers, there is inherent control over matter, to some extent. And also with the majority, these or other abilities come from precisely this ability. Carriers, as a rule, should be capable of basic control of matter at the atomic level. They are capable of creating matter, transforming, or simply destroying matter.
      • Manipulation of celestial bodies - Carriers of cosmic power, are able to freely control the motion of celestial bodies. Manage the motion of planets, stars, the creation of black holes, as well as many other objects.
      • Increased physical characteristics - Any carrier of cosmic force, possesses a certain level of superhuman strength. Usually the carrier does not focus on physical indicators, but he is able to increase his physical performance proportionally, with the help of space power.
      • Huge size - Carriers of cosmic power, can change their size. For example, they can reach a height of 100 meters, reach the dimensions at which they can hold the planets or stars in their hands, or even increase to such a size that they hold multiple universes in their hands.
      • Cosmic feelings - Carriers of cosmic power, are able to feel at the cosmic level. Most can feel a single atom, at a distance of millions of light years. However, this ability also covers other senses, and even those that are beyond the usual sense of understanding. See other dimensions, the future, the past, see the soul, the astral essence, auras and much more. Strongest users of cosmic power, able to see and feel all that was, are and will be in the entire multiverse at the same time, as well as higher dimensions.
      • Space resistance - Most carriers of space force, have a basic resistance to all sorts of influences that can affect the carrier. Typically, most of them are able to feel normal in space vacuum, resist a sharp temperature drop and also have some other resistances. Strongest users have the same resistance to any impact, at their level. They can be defeated only by their superior level of abilities.
      • Manipulation of time - The user of the cosmic force is able to move without problems to the future, the past, through alternative time lines, etc. As an attacking ability, you can send the enemy to other time intervals, beyond the space-time, or stop the time altogether.
      • Space manipulation - Users of space power, are able to easily manage space. In any form, as they wish. Measurable manipulation, distortion of space and many others.
        • Measured manipulations - Force users are free to create measurements, use measured attacks, teleport, and navigate through different universes and dimensions.
      • Mental manipulation - Users of cosmic power have extremely powerful mental abilities. The strongest users of cosmic power, most likely the strongest telepaths in the universe. They are unimaginably stronger than characters who are capable of an easy psychic attack, defeat cosmic beings and abstractions. They are also able to create illusions, erase, manipulate and change the minds of other beings, read minds, control the mind and much more.
      • Infinite potential - In the potential, the capabilities of any of the carriers of cosmic power, is limited only by their imagination. Before them, open the space doors, to any possible ability. Including direct control of space, time and reality.
      • Giving strength - Users of cosmic power can confer other creatures, a tremendous force, by infusing cosmic power into them. In this way they can raise an ordinary person to a level where he is able to destroy the planets and possibly more with his own blows.

Conceptual Power of Doom - "Preparation" - A special conceptual Power of Doom. At which he carefully prepare for bending the target. It does not matter whether it's Fantastic Four, Galactus or PRB. The result is one, he bends, takes Powers and bends again

Mastery of the Pianist - Doom is A good pianist, well, what, a guy migh!!!

Artist: Doom, using Laila Miller as a model, painted a new Mona Lisa.

Pianist It is believed that Victor perfectly performs classical music, for example, Rachmaninov

  • Diplomatic Immunity: As ruler of a sovereign state, Doom possesses diplomatic immunity, which many times saved his ass.





Key: Base | God Emperor Doom | (With Powers of Pre-Retcon Beyonder|Composite | With Preparation/Pianos!!!

Note 1)this is composite Profile



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