Доктор и новые Далеки

Powers and Stats

Name: Dalek Empire

Origin: Doctor Who

Classification: the most advanced military race, experimentsof Davros by mutation

Level of evolution: V / Vb type;

Social system absolute monarchy

Age: more than 25,000 years

Population: It varies depending on time intervals. Initially, was about 10 billion, after a time war has survived a very small number, approximately equal to the original count was in the 2nd Empire Daleks, and then there was only the cult of Skaro, the abduction of the planets Davros was able to restore the original number, perhaps even I increased it at the moment Dalek Empire charges about 5 billion

Technologies and capabilities: overdeveloped race, able to move through time, turn off other people's time management technology, intergalactic journey takes them a bit of time, as well as, collecting some of the planet they are able to destroy Omniverse.

Weakness: Eyes - Eye Dalek was the weakest of the place, who could shoot, for what should disable other functions, pride, arrogance, lack of imagination, Movellanov virus, high explosives and a powerful energy weapon, Dalek weapon is extremely low and high temperature, pressure , energy blasters, photon beam, machine guns, bombs and grenades, reliance on technology and logic, dinosaurs, Whirlwind time indoor transmat, power overload, stairs, rocks or any other obstacles in the way - only the earliest models of the Daleks, weapons based on dalekaniuma , a judgment that any dissenters far - enemies, crazy hatred far "with a dash of" created from other types of network hacking Patveb with which to communicate far, regenerative energy, far considered beautiful that hate, and not They want to destroy it

The industrial potential: very high in the short term are able to create a huge fleet of spaceships that can kill the entire population of the universe

Location: take a lot of galaxies original position - Skaro

Famous representatives: Emperor Dalek, The Cult of Skaro, the Supreme far, Prime Minister far, far X, Alpha, Beta, Omega, Metaltron, Oswin Oswald


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