Робот и Ур.

Sixth House, Sleeping House, House Dagoth, the House of the Lord Dagoth. A true home, which will host all true Dunmer and expel all nvahov from our land. Rejoice and join us. Go to Red Mountain and cook everything for his arrival.

Дагот Ур

that's because you're fighting a dead god's dreamself

What a fool you are. I'm a god, how can you kill a god? What a grand and intoxicating innocence. How could you be so naive? There is no escape. No recall or intervention can work in this place. Come, lay down your weapons, it is not too late for my mercy.
— Dagoth Ur

Powers and Stats

Tier: 5-A+(C), With akulakhan from 3-A++ to 1-A, High 1-A With ANTI CHIM

Name: Dagoth Ur,Nerevarine, Vorino Dagoth, the Devil, Sharmat

Origin: The Elder Scrolls

Gender: Male

Age: About 4000

Classification: Sharmat, shoulder inversion pawn units, the head of the Great House of Dagoth,  false Dreamer , adviser and friend of Nerevar, "true" pseudo-god, mountains Father

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman physical characteristics, limited omnipresence (within the limits of its power band), telepathy, immortality (type 1, 5, part 7), intangibility (type 2), mental manipulation, manipulation of sleep manipulation nonexistence, manipulating reality, manipulation of souls, manipulation space , huge size (type 0), barriers uncausality (type 2 for the soul)

Attack Potency: Ignores strength. Omnipotent in its area of authority

Speed: Probably hypersonic | Infinite

Lifting Strength: Unknown

Striking Strength: Superhuman, the hardest of the Tribunal. Ignores CHIM

Durability: Planet Level+ will continue to recover, while associated with the heart. Ignore any physical and mental attacks. (Except for the attacks, "tools")

Stamina: Probably infinite

Range: The subcontinent and it is expanding all the time

Intelligence: Super Genius. His personality consists of ambition and knowledge Kagrenac, dreams and ideals Vorino Dagoth

Fighting skills: 'The enormous, it combines the skills of all the House Dagoth, and Dumac Kagrenac, without any problems dealt with Almsivi and took their instruments.

Weaknesses: If you break the link with the Heart Sharmat lose their connection with the Sixth House and can no longer return to the Mundus after "death". Slave of Heart. Kindness, could not kill his best friend (Nerevarine). Kagrenac Toolkit. Its presence is limited to a certain area in the "heart", but this area is gradually increasing

Standard Equipment:

'Heart of Lorkhan' - Heart 'can not' to destroy, because it is a source of Nirn. Lorkhan Spirit - this is his fiery heart beating under the roof of the Red Mountain on Vvardenfell. Spirit Lorkhan equally powerful mortal souls, how the moon more than human. Lorkhan was up (or planet), which participated in the Great Building, but when eight gave a portion of their divine bodies to create a plan (ETU) mortals Plan (ETA) Lorkhan cracked in half and his divine spark fell to Nirn, "engendered it and the existence of a little selfishness.

'Attacks, techniques and abilities:'

'SHARMAT (ANTI CHIM)' - a condition in which arrives Ur. He knows that reality is a dream. He considers himself dreamer.

I Sharmat

I'm older MUSIC

That I am - that LIGHT

That I am - that STAR

That I am - that ancient sea

When you sleep, you see me




I put STAR










And rotates around me

I'm older MUSIC

That I am - that LIGHT

That I am - that STAR

That I am - that ancient sea

Sleepwalking - is able to penetrate into the dreams of mortals, gradually reducing them mad and obeyed, and if the victim is already subdued, even "death" Dagoth will not release it.

Lock teleportation - Dagoth Ur blocking any possibility of a spatio-temporal displacement, it is impossible to teleport or to him or from him.

Enantiomorphs (Mentor) - You may know them individually as the Dagoth Ur and Nerevar. "His greatest enemy -. Sharmat, a false dreamer Are you or is one of you - Mentor". "Reigning king armed to the teeth sparkling flame He saved every act that makes his death a chart waking world he sleeps the second way Sharmat -.... His double, and therefore you wondered if you rule nothing."

Akulakhan (also sometimes called thesecond Numidium)- a giant golem (as fed from the Heart Lorkhan), created in the depths of the Red Mountain Dagoth Ur - the leader of the House Dagoth - on the basis of drawings and elements first Numidium. Akulakhan serve three purposes. Firstly, it will be the leader of my army, which first released Vvardenfell, Morrowind and then, and then, perhaps, all of Tamriel. Second, he will sow and cultivate the divine substance, derived from the heart. Thirdly, it will provide all the prominent banner and symbol of our cause - to challenge the Empire, free of death from ancient superstitions and glorify our crusade against the gods.

Heart Lorkhan - the heart - is the owner of Dagoth Ur.

  • 'Immortality' - is associated with a mechanical heart, he will not die. If it dies, it will be reborn in the halls of the Heart.
  • 'False divinity' - a particle of the divine power of God and Space becomes a part of his forces. The ability to limit the ability of the body.
  • 'Korprus (Disease god)' - Divine disease, sows divine substance among mortals, changing them. Victims korprusa, after infection, have the opportunity to go in two ways - be stupid monsters or turn into great servants Dagoth Ur during several stages of mutation and get immortality (type 1, 2). There is no information about what is required from the sectarian, not to turn into a zombie. Dagoth-Ur himself describes it this way: "As long as cultists will pass the various stages of education, they will, according to his abilities, or militant priests, or priests. It is their duty - to prepare for the service; their joy and liberation - deeper and deeper into a profound enlightenment divine dream world. " The disease is incurable, known only three cases of "favorable" outcomes are:
    • Tanus Veloth - blessed Almalexia and has an innate immunity to the disease plague, but it has become a "Typhoid Mary".
    • Yagrum Bagarn - seen in "Korprusariume" Divayth Fira, but he could only slow down the "treatment".
    • Nerevarine - the reincarnation of Saint Nerevar, Dagoth Vorino best friend, having a natural immunity to the disease. He was the bearer, but, unlike Tanus, does not infect others and gained a positive quality of the virus.
Army of the Sixth House: "Dagoth Ur can take the information and pass it directly through the members of his sect. According to our data, sleepers and dreamers often say voice Dagoth Ur and his intonations "- Dagoth Ur's Plans

'Ash servant:: Slaves ash - a servant Dagoth Ur lower rank. In the ashes of a slave, though viewed elven features, but his skin looks as if covered with ashes and pomutnen mind. Not bad magical abilities make slaves of ash dangerous opponents . < Immortal (type 1, 2) <p style="text-align: center;">'Ash zombie' </ p> Further development of the ashes of a slave. Ash zombie loses its magical powers, but increases his physical strength, approximately up to the limit of human capabilities. In combat, he fights spiked cudgel.Immortal (type 1, 2). <p style="text-align:center;">The rising sleep:

This is the last step in the hierarchy of the army Dagoth. Korprus and dark magic is being changed beyond recognition. They are incredibly strong, have great magical power and high level of intelligence, used powerful zaklinaniya.Tak also used in combat pestilential disease. Immortal (type 1, 2, possibly 5)

vampire Ash:

"Brothers" Dagoth Ur, have the highest rank among the subordinates of the Sixth House. Have constant communication with Dagoth Ur and heart Lorkhan that constantly replenishes their strength, it is their main weakness. This connection makes Ash strongest vampire wars. They are quite strong (stronger Hands), that together with Sharmat participate in the attack on Almsivi and take 2 of 3 intrumentov Kagrenac. Immortal (type 1, 2, possibly 5).

'Snorukavnaya inversion' - Vorino Dagoth died four thousand years ago, and his soul is in Arm again and Dagoth Ur is the personification of the material projection, created by Heart.

“Dagoth Ur may take the information and pass it directly through the members of his sect . According to our data, Sleeping and dreaming often say voice Dagoth Ur and his intonations' - Plans Dagoth Ur

" Sharmat asleep in the middle. He could not bear, if the world is destroyed relationships. It's crazy sleeping. This amnesia of sleep, or force, or deception .-- 36 Lessons of Vivec, instruction thirteenth


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