Powers and Stats

Tier: 10+, 5-B+ with Sehai, fully reveal how Hoon Ding - 2-C+

Name: Cyrus tireless, Sura Bend'r Mac

Origin: The Elder Scrolls

Gender: Male

Age: Around 650

Classification: Pirate, third Hong Ding, Wandering Champion Crowned

Powers and Abilities: Excellent human characteristics, mastery of the sword, the ability to Shehan (manipulation of reality), immunity to diseases and poisons, immortality (type 2), uncausality (type 1)

Attack Potency: Ignores strength in Sehai threatened Oneshot Vivec

Speed: Superhuman, in Sehai - sub-relativistic

Lifting Strength: Athletic human

Striking Strength: The ideal human,In Sehai sword can cut atom

Durability: Human, immune to magic | Planet Level+, while in Sehai,dancing with the sword not attack

Stamina: high

Range: Tens of meters with a sword, hundreds of kilometers in Shanghai

Intelligence: Above average

Fighting skills: The incarnation of the god-swordsman

Weaknesses: None


  • Flask Lillandrila - jar has an amazing ability to absorb any kind of magic.
  • Stone memory - the stone keeps the knowledge of previous Annecy.
  • Sword soul A'tor - sword with Prince Hammerfell soul, able to independently fly and attack enemies.

'Attacks, techniques and abilities:

Redguard' - the most talented warriors in Tamriel. In addition to the natural inclination to many types of weapons and armor styles, they are usually stacked tightly and are immune to poison and disease.


Hoon Ding - this is the condition, rather than the embodiment yokudanskogo god-hero. What does Cyrus greatest of Annecy, and gives the ability to acquire knowledge of the stone and the ability to free up memory Shehai.

'Ansei - Annecy, the greatest warrior that ever lived among men. Our swords dumped into the oceans left-handed, whose empire was four times the empire of the white king. When we keep hitting, our weapons can overwhelm the laws of nature. Yokudan is how you see it due to the fact that our Hira-Dearg swords hacked nonseparating - atoms.

Interrupt Zero-Amounts - is able to ignore the multiplication by zero of the deity.



Fencing Anse - Ephesus below, slightly above, stand still. Bone Razor. Hit to 80 grams at any degree, except this one. Ephemeral maneuver. Exhale, and then forget about your breathing; you can not breathe, until the enemy is defeated, you must fight like the dead: this is the second principle pneomansu. Vector Swan. Hand toward the knee lower squeeze teeth to hide his smile. Pankratosvord, but he denied. Bend into an arc of bone that can not be bent more. The threat of Mirrors. Using Math athletic, you can meet for a duel several different places, famous and faithful. Draw false eye around your face and then hide their real eyes among them, and your opponent will not be able to find out where your opinion aspiration. Modesty premeditated. Fingers-knives are like a fist, protecting your cardinal points and the central theory; five poking at intervals of microseconds, like eavesdropping bored table, languishing in anticipation of a morning bread.

Shehai - Yaba maaszi ihadzhito to-sura. The release of the sword of the spirit. Sura Bend'r Mac is capable of using his sword to break the laws of reality (to split the atom, to kill God, etc.)

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