Name: Celestials, Cosmic Gods, Analyzers, eksperementator, Testers, "visitors from the sky", creators, Titans Cosmos Star Giants

Origin: Marvel

Level of evolution: 6 type

Classification: Multiverse Empire of Cosmic Gods

Social system: All Celestials subordinated to the Supreme and the strongest Celestials

Age: older than the multiverse

Population: Many billions

Technologies and capabilities: Manipulation of probability, time manipulation, manipulation gravity, manipulation pathos, manipulation of matter, energy manipulation, teleportation, manipulation reality, immortality (type 7), uncausality, dimensional attack, dimensional manipulation, quantum manipulation and a lot of others:

' Cosmic force </ span>' - infinite, divine energy emanating from the astral plane of existence. Getting into the vehicle, this power to become his base, essentially replacing his soul, permeating his whole being, creating a unique aura. Space power is a unique and versatile type of energy, which allows the wearer essentially access to basic interactions with the universe.

  • Space Travel </ span> - the cosmic force, gives the wearer the ability to traverse space, within a short period of time. Carriers are able to easily move from star to star, and even more. For carriers of cosmic forces - the galaxies are "stops", and the whole universe is one big "freeway".
  • Manipulation of energy </ span> - Tselestialy able to manage any kind of energy in any of its form imaginable. They are able to create energy barriers, use energy attacks, feel all types of energy, and convert it to absorb.
    • Absorption </ span> - media space forces as able to control this power and use it that would absorb other energy sources, which would immediately attack the enemy, to strengthen its capacity or simply store energy for any other purpose.
  • Manipulation matter </ span> - the majority of media, inherent control over matter, to one degree or another. As well as the majority, or that it is the ability to come out of this ability. Carriers generally, should be able to control the base material at the atomic level. They are able to create matter, transform, or simply destroy matter.
  • Manipulation celestial bodies </ span> - carriers of cosmic force, able to freely control the movement of the heavenly bodies. Manage the movement of the planets, the stars, the creation of black holes, as well as many other facilities. Probably Tselestialy capable and used to run the reaction of the Big Bang and Big Crunch.
  • Increased physical characteristics </ span> - any carrier of cosmic force, has a level of superhuman strength. Typically, the carrier is not focusing its attention on the physical performance, but it is able to increase their physical performance in proportion by cosmic force.
  • The huge size of </ span> - Tselestialy are simply enormous size, common to them is the growth in the 600 meters, but some have Tselestialy growth in whole tens of kilometers or more. Technically, their sizes are unrestricted, and they are able to grow to such a size that the universe can hold in their hand.
  • Space feeling </ span> - carriers of cosmic force, able to feel on a cosmic level. Most are able to feel the atom taken separately, at a distance of millions of light years. However, this ability also covers other senses, and even those that are beyond the ordinary understanding of the feelings. To see the other dimensions, the future, the past, to see the soul, the essence of the astral, aura and much more. Tselestialy as the strongest cosmic power users are able to see and feel all that was, is and will be in the whole multiverse simultaneously, as well as the higher dimensions.
  • Space resistance </ span> - the majority of media space forces have a base resistance to all kinds of influences that could affect the media. As a rule, most of them are able to feel normal in the vacuum of space, opposed to rapid temperature changes, as well as have some other resists. Tselestialy also have resistance to any impact on their level. Win they can only superior to their level of ability.
  • Manipulation time </ span> - by cosmic force capable of easily moving into the future, the past, in alternative timelines, etc. As an offensive abilities, you can send the opponent in the other period, beyond space-time, or even stop time.
  • Manipulation space </ span> - users cosmic force, able to easily manage the space. In any form, which they wish themselves. Measuring of manipulation, distortion of space and many others.
    • Measuring manipulation </ span> - Tselestialy able to freely create measurement, gauging attack, teleport, and navigate through the different universes and dimensions.
  • The mental manipulation </ span> - users cosmic force have very powerful mental abilities. Tselestialy probably the strongest telepaths in the universe. They are incredibly powerful characters who are able to track and psychic attack, conquer space creatures and abstractions. They are also able to create illusions, to wash, to manage and change the minds of other beings, read thoughts, mind control and much more.
  • Endless potential </ span> - the potential, the possibility of any of the carriers of cosmic power, limited only by their imagination. Before they opened the door space, to any possible capacity. Including the direct control of space, time and reality.
  • Talent Force </ span> - the cosmic force, users can endow other beings, great strength, by injecting them cosmic forces. So they can raise the average person to the point where it is capable of destroying the planet with their blows, and maybe more.
  • Acausal </ span> - even Tselestialov manifestation, there is a multiverse. And they can not do much harm, in any way without running time or space, as they exist outside.
  • Metaphysical existence </ span> - Tselestialy on their own, able to go to sleep. Who can develop into a variety of stories, again, in which multiple multiverse, many dimensions, and probably higher dimensions may exist.

True Tselestialy </ span> - Is actually supposed to Tselestialy are beings whose true body are hyper-dimensional space (which is a 5-dimensional). And in the multiverse are just a shell - armor that contain a small part of Tselestiala force. Even that would affect the skin, probably need to have the power of a similar level and properties.

Weaknesses Pianos

The industrial potential, Able to create universes at will, share them on the multiverses, as well as in theory is not limited to create their own kind

Location: Multiple multiverses, the true body probably live in a hyper-Dimension space

Famous representatives:

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