Powers and Stats

Tier: 9-B | 0

Name: Carl Johnson, CJ | He can be Anyone

Origin: Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Gender: Male

Age: 24 in San Andreas, 47 in the present day (Carl Johnson was born July 4th, 1968, and San Andreas takes place in a 1992 setting)

Classification: the protagonist, the gang boss of Grove Street Families, a billionaire businessman, cheater/Hacker,God

Powers and Abilities: Mastery of Boxing, Muay Thai, Taekwondo, and many types of weapons. Automatic resurrection upon death,Superhuman physical characteristics, accuracy, martial arts, physical resistance, space manipulation (subspace pocket), resurrection (able to be resurrected), regeneration, homing attack (bazooka shells reacts to heat vehicles), flight (Jet-pack, plane, helicopter) pathos, brutality | Questionable Omnipotence, Omniscience, Omnipresence,Immortality , superhuman physical characteristics, body control (is able to instantly become bullies / thick / drischem), manipulation of explosions (could blow all vehicles within sight, perhaps the city), invisibility (able to make the whole transport invisible ), insanity aura (all fight with all), manipulation of gravity (able to make cars and boats flying), reality manipulation, manipulation weight (car becomes weightless), manipulation of matter (able to create weapons from each of the residents within a few cities and out of the ordinary machine to make the tank strength, unlimited ammunition, create weapons and vehicles, is capable of giving all machines nitro boosters with an infinite supply of fuel), the manipulation of weather, time manipulation, mental manipulation (able to subdue any person on whose aims + manipulation of attention, respect manipulation / Respect / sexuality), manipulation of pianos

Attack Potency: Street Level, (Can easily kill an adult male in 2-4 hits after learning Muay Thai, and send them flying back a few feet), higher with Most Firearms and some Melee Weapons (like the Katana or the Chainsaw) (can easily kill humans), Wall Level with Rifles, Explosives and Heavy Weapons (like the Minigun or the Flamethrower [can blow up cars and trucks with ease] ), much higher with weapons like Satchel Charges and Rocket Launchers (Capable of destroying aircraft like the Hydra VTOL and Hunter Attack Helicopter which are based on the British Aerospace Harrier II and Boeing AH-64 Apache, respectively) Wall+ breakdown, with arms much higher up the building + with heavily armed and above | True Infinity(able to create, edit, manage and destroy Whole world of GTA)

Speed: Speed: Athletic Human,perfect human haste Superhuman (likely 74 km/h) with his jetpack | Omnipresent

Lifting Strength: Superhuman |Irrelevant

Striking Strength: Superhuman | True Infinity

Durability: At least Boulder (able to survive without fatal consequences several explosions)| True Infinity

Stamina: very high (CJ can go for hours in a fight if need be, although he does tire after excessive sprinting, swimming, or cycling) even higher after completing the 10k needed for the burglary missions (doing so nets CJ infinite sprinting),until He die, can fight without losing effectiveness, ignoring the injured, and rise again after death in six hours | True Infinity

Range: From the melee, to a few tens of meters | True Infinity

Standard Equipment: Pistols, submachine guns, assault rifles, shotguns, rifles, sniper rifles, grenade launcher, minigun, as well as a variety of cold and throwing weapon in half with "Jet-Pak"

Intelligence: Super geniuss (While intially a bit of a bonehead, by game's end he was capable of outwitting his rival gangs, the LSPD, and the Mafia, and has started up & expanded a few businesses) | Super Genius,Omniscient

Weaknesses: Explosions, falls from a height and bullets of helicopter | None

Fighting skills: 'High, masterfully controlled with any type of weapon | Irrelevant

Attacks, techniques and abilities:

Mega hit- conceptual ability CJ to kill with a single blow, simultaneously giving all this ability.

Mega Jump- the ability to jump on dvuzhetazhki level with the application itself damage on landing.

The shooting "in Macedonian- a secret jutsu handguns (pistols and PP), gives + 200% to the rate of fire, + 100% knockdown + over9000 to Ponte and 50% for accuracy . But in the usual case, the CJ also wields any weapon, because the accuracy of something he does not suffer. The essence of the jutsu is to take in each hand korotkostvolu and shoot with two hands simultaneously.

Gone any transport - conceptual ability, which allows to steal any vehicle, whether it is an ordinary machine, army tank, or even a passenger plane. Perhaps it can steal and kosmichemkuyu rocket.

Immortality' - CJ suffers widespread disease, referred to as "Syndrome Protagonist". This, in turn, allows him not to be afraid of mortal wounds, since he lives in any way. He was not afraid of such things as: a fall from a height, shooting, explosion, lack of air, spontaneous combustion, etc. After a critical hit the mark, he immediately transported to the hospital, and after six hours out of it as good as new. If you have money, this procedure takes a hundred evergreen, and if there is no money, he will rise again free.

'Physical resistance - able to withstand a lot of bullet wounds, can survive a grenade explosion / blast from a grenade launcher shot. You can survive a fall from quite a great height.

Superhuman physical characteristics of the - is able alone to shoot a six-barreled gun. Capable not straining to shoot a bazooka continuous stream of rockets, not feeling the impact.

'Regeneration - able to heal from any wound, no matter how difficult they may be, as long as there is at least one unit of life and overcome the critical mark.

'Subspace pocket - a kind of metaphysical area that has access CJ, with ample room for any Amount of money a dozen weapons, including a grenade launcher and minigun, as well as an unlimited amount of ammunition.

'Manipulation of attention' - capable both instantly escape the attention of law enforcement officials, and to make a chase all the police and the army in the city, as well as it can reach its complete disregard by the opponents.

'Manipulation of reality' - able to replace the city's inhabitants and their cars for analogs of the countryside, it is able to change the colors of physical objects, can create different living people (ninja, mafia, gangs). It can change the outlook of people, can plunge the entire city into a frenzy when all are fighting with everyone.

'Weather manipulation' - able to create a clear sunny weather, very sunny weather, cloudy weather, rain, foggy weather, storm, storm, sandstorm.

'The manipulation of time' - a way as to slow down time, and speed up, or stop it completely. It has the ability to lock in a certain time point.

' 'Broken / Wasted' - phrases that are in the air, in the presence of the critical presence of lead / fire / fractures in the body of the CJ, and have plagued him in those moments - permanently. Are motivation get to the hospital less often.

Norma | With cheats/Hacks/Mods

Grand theft auto legends 2012 by patrickbrown-d53et9c



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