Bigby Wolf is the sherrif of fabletown, and the big bad wolf of legend. The son of a wolf and the god of wind, he possesses many extroardinary abilities. In the old days he used these violently(hence: big bad wolf). After leaving the homelands, he and many other fables like him migrated to new york and founded fabletown, a place where fables like him could be forgiven for past crimes and escape the long reach of the bloody handed emperor. 

Powers and Stats

Tier: High 8-A - 7-C

Powers and Abilities: superhuman strength, superhuman speed, superhuman durability, wind generation + control, supersenses, high levels of regen. 

Attack Potency: MCB+ - town level(depending on whether or not we use high ends)

Speed: Supersonic

Lifting Strength: Unkown; likely 2 tons

Striking Strength: Large building+

Durability: susceptible to piercing objects; MCB+ blunt durability

Stamina: Godly. He once swam non stop through sub zero temperatures for three days, with no food. 

Range: 10+ miles

Standard Equipment: Cigarretes

Intelligence: Likely 130+ IQ. Incredible deductive skills

'Weaknesses: 'silver weapons can kill him

Feats: caused earthquakes for miles just via fighting, swam through the bering strait for 3 days strait with heavy equipment on his back, leveled a forest, put out a town on fire with a single puff, regenerated from a shot to his head. 

I128 Bigby Wolf Form

Notable Attacks/Techniques: The huff and puff, his primary wind attack. 

Key: Humanoid form, part wolf, werewolf, full wolf. 


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Notable Victories:

Bigby wolf vs Remus Lupin

Bigby wolf vs bane

Bigby wolf vs Mr hyde

Notable Losses:

Bigby wolf vs Sylar

Bigby wolf vs Aang

Notable Draws/Ties/Stalemates:

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Respect Threads:


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