Suitable for deep pressure "box-with-thoughts" Limited mentation - snorukavnaya shell used mortal operators for manual installations banned Kynareth breathing.

Powers and Stats

Tier: Unknown

Name: Eyrenn Arana Aldmeri, KINMUNE(kinetic-Interlinkovaya--Nirnianskaya-Multi-Managed-Ekzoforma), Oracle Rainbow, Witch threads and strings Patrisechenie, Bane Old dumb Giant Crystal-as-Staple, 28 minutes thought-box, the last modification, semiaxial differential Blessed pentarchy 5/5 / 555 / Anueletrakorat 1245663245

Origin: The Elder Scrolls

Gender: Female currently

Age: Around 5500

Classification: The robot from the future, proxy synthetics, Queen Dominion Aldmeri, Chapter Thalmor, tears running-Ekzoforma for hazardous environments, Advisor of Ysgramor,Terminator

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman physical characteristics, training, agility, martial arts, a genius intellect, flight, absorption (type 5, 6, 7), telekinesis, teleportation, extrasensory perception, technological manipulation, dimensional manipulation, shape change (type 8), uncausality (type 2 )

Attack Potency: The level of human With arms, ignoring the strength

Speed: Superhuman, in true form infinite

Lifting Strength: Unknown

Striking Strength: Superhuman

Durability: It is not known, but is able to withstand a 16-dimensional bombing

Stamina: Unlimited

Range: infighting

Intelligence: High with reason, the aggregated figures of her last remaining members. The ability to see a myriad of secrets post-kalpicheskih transmeditatsy

Fighting skills: High (absorbed knowledge of many carriers)

Weaknesses: Failure to cast Magic, will hide their true nature until the last

Equipment Plate and a pair of axes, weight sensors, transponders

Attacks, techniques and abilities:

Signal (like moths attracted to light) - relaying distress signals in all known languages ​​9th era. Most of these tongues did not even exist at the Wheel, as it is known to us then. But smart people, characters and readers whale bone that time still felt her presence in the forests of West Limit. Some felt distress Kinmune a light touch to the throat, while the other led esoteric instinct.

Sensor - the ability to see it through the eyes of a myriad of secrets post-kalpicheskih transmeditatsy.

Connection- Over time - as meetings of its new visitors - Kinmune received many names and titles. She was Oracle Rainbow, which was mentioned in the Green plate Steps Dzhunala ... Perhaps the most famous of her name was Kinmune Bane Old dumb Giant, because of all those minds, which It allows you to carry your body, none survived intact - even those in whose veins flowed the blood karstaaga. Kinmune always took away some of the power and mystery in its proxy.

The introduction of the COD reality - Kinmune plunged into nevernoponimatelstvo Dwemer brass-cricket lines around them, turning them into a language that its database can explore and synthesize. Bygone era, and it was the language that was able to implement in Kinmune Varlest +.

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