Name:  :Amadeus Cho,Prince of Power

Origin: Marvel

Tier: 10

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Classification: The usual American high school student, a member of the Illuminati

Powers and Abilities: Genius intelligence (computing, scientific, strategic, tactical genius) | barriers to absorption, flying (levitation), energy attacks

Weaknesses Need a periodic replenishment of food when he uses his abilities to the maximum

Attack Potency: A man with a gun, but thanks to the computing power, carries the threat of more serious enemy; above to redirect the energy

Range: Melee, depending on the environment

Durability Human, higher With Barriers

Speed: The human, but thanks to the computing power, at least supersonic (able to react and dodge firearms)

Lifting Strength human

Striking Strength: human

Stamina: Human; decreases rapidly if too many Amadeus uses his mind

Intelligence: Enormous computing power, mathematical view of the world, one of the best hackers on the planet (cracked armor Tony Stark, which is famous for one of the best anti-hacker protection, using the Game Boy), a brilliant tactician and strategist, personally Galan pointed mind Amadeus

Fighting skills:

Equipment All sorts, from suit by Calvin Klein with all sorts of bells and whistles, and finishing with access to technology Banner

Game Boy - by which Amadeus is able to hack any computer protection. In addition the device is used for different purposes, to the extent that he is able to control whether wormholes.

Adamantium Mace - Mace made of adamantine, Olympic metal, which is equivalent to Uru and Adamant and has a golden color. This mace is as strong and durable as mjölnir Torah, but in the hands of Amadeus. she skoreesluzhit for protection than to attack.

  • Redirect - Mace is able to redirect various types of energy and energy attacks. Even attacks that carry the divine energy and power of the divine monsters attack.
  • Barriers - mace has an automatic barrier that automatically surround Cho, during the battle. So even strikes creatures, about the size of a structure is not able to break through the barrier.

Attacks, techniques and abilities:

The seventh smartest in the world -Amadeus Cho is the seventh most intelligent person on the planet. His only ability, this is the with which he was born. Hyper-mind, it will be marked around its ability. It allows you to do all, and even multiple calculations in his mind instantly. Thus proschityvaya advance, any scenarios, outcomes, and much more.

  • The vast computing capabilities - in Amadeus, simply kollosalnye computing capabilities, it calculates any event, in just a split second, he always has a plan of action, all his actions perfectly honed. And he always knows how to and what to do, because of this ability.
  • foresight - Some or most of its variation as Amadeus not directly see, but as counts that may occur or will occur, based on concrete data. So it can be calculated, which will be determined by the character, which will fall, he will do, etc.
Amadeus Cho (Earth-616) from Avengers Vol 5 35 0001





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