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Powers and Stats

Tier: 1-B+

Name: I (IE - that is, the Tower), Auriel-that-Akatosh Ald father Alda, Ald, son of Alda, Ald, Alduin, Aka, Dragon, Alkosh, Tosh Raka, Akatosh, Auriel, Aka-Tusk, Brahma, Father, Eagle, Snake, Ruptga, and many other

Origin: The Elder Scrolls

Gender: Male for personalization, the concept is technically inapplicable

Age: He is time

Classification: Creator and the harbinger of the apocalypse, Dragon God of Time, Aldo, Aldo's father, Aldo's son Aldo Mirror Brother Lorkhan King Aldmeri, sedentary Ehlnofey, Aedra and Arena Supermundusa, half of the space-time of God, "the first, God" soul Anuelya, the Soul of the Soul Anu Aedrot, Arkaey father

Powers and Abilities: Manipulation of non existence, immortality (type 1, 2, 4, 5, part 7), magic, flying, huge size (type 8), manipulation, showers, changing form (type 8), higher dimensional existence, conceptual creature (Time, Soul Soul Anu , Anuelya Soul Spoke Wheels, Tower), Omniscience, (almost complete on and insane.) aura (all types), manipulation of time manipulation of space, manipulating elements and side elements, the manipulation of reality, manipulation of fate, the manipulation probability mental manipulation , ancausality (type 2)

Attack Potency: Ignores strength.

Speed: Infinite

Lifting Strength: Immeasurable

Striking Strength: Dimension+

Durability: Universe + possibly higher because of the abstract nature

Stamina: Unlimited

Range: Unknown

Intelligence: Almost complete omniscience burdened personality disorder and bouts of divine madness, and therefore can not reach the CHIM

Fighting skills: 'The strongest Aaedroth, but because of the madness behaves unpredictably

Weaknesses: Insane, at the same time wants a lot of things opposite. Pelinal Madness Madness is a shadow of the Dragon


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The Shield Auriel - Artifact, ebony shield, once belonged to the elven deity Auriel, able to make its wielder nigh invulnerable. In Altmeri legend "Heart of the World" said that Anu gave Bow and Shield Auriel, so that he could save Aldmeris from human hordes. Shield Auriel unsurpassed in its ability to resist the effects of fire and magic, which allows him to effectively protect its owner from any attacks that can not be blocking.

Bow Auriel - this is one of the most powerful artifacts ever to exist in Tamriel. In Altmeri legend "Heart of the World" said that Anu gave a bow and shield Auriel, so that he could save Aldmeris from human hordes. When Auriel snatched Lorkhan heart, he first tried to destroy it, but could not because it was the heart and Nirn. Then Auriel heart pinned to the boom and ran out of his bow as far as possible, and where it landed, formed volcano Vvardenfell. This bow can turn any arrow into a flying death.

Tower Direnni - also called 'Ur-Tower' 'Adamantine Tower' and 'Hell-gown' . The tower was rebuilt several times, but her adamantine cylindrical base has not been affected. According to rumors, the foundation of the tower goes deep into the ground, like the underwater part of an iceberg, accounting for a significant portion of its true size. However, the depth of the foundation has never been explored. For its construction Akatosh created a new material - adamantium, in the likeness of his "Rook Akatosh" - Ada Mantle.

Recent archaeological studies [Adamantine Tower] by using the latest techniques of divination and magic pushed back the expected date of erecting towers by about ME2500, making it the oldest structure of Tamriel known to date. Although it has been greatly modified and completed over the years, its core is a smooth cylinder of shining metal; it is believed that the tower reaches down into the earth at the same distance at which it rises above the surface, although its lower limits have never been systematically studied. "

It sounds like a case for the scroll. Big case, mind you, but maybe it's due to the fact that it is both more and spacecraft?

Атаки, техники и способности:

Half of the space-time of God —... and leave you to seek support from my other half, who will bring light to the idea of ​​Mortals, which gives [Gods] great joy, the idea of ​​freedom; she was not given even the heavens to the full, because our Father [Text lost] ... in those first [day / soul / events] to the Agreement ... that is reflected in our earthly madness. [Let us] now take you Up. We [the show] our true faces ... [which eat] one another in amnesia each Age. "

'Mifopeya - the process of forming or changing the reality under the influence of faith or belief Nirn sufficiently large group of people (or people of believers). And when beliefs or myths vary, so does the reality described in these myths.

The three main properties mifopei:

  1. If in something believe quite a number of deaths, it could become a reality. Therefore heretics persecuted.
  2. If something was real, and it is widely believed that it is impossible to determine exactly what the cause of it, and that - a consequence. Therefore, even the history of the past can be changed.
  3. If there are multiple versions of the common justification of anything contrary to each other, then it is possible that they are both correct. Therefore, equally valid, and the myths and science.

Example mifope

  • He was the chief god of the Empire of Cyrodiil, where he embodies the qualities of longevity, invulnerability and eternal law.
  • Northerners therefore see the god of time at the same time the creator and harbinger of the apocalypse.
  • Auri-El led to the legendary days of ancient armies against Aldmer Lorkhan destroying this tyrant and establishing the first kingdoms Aldmer, Altmora and Old Ehlnofey. He then ascended into the sky with a large gathering of his followers so that they know the way out of the mortal.
  • Alkosh (Cat Dragon): Deity Anakinskoy Pre-ri'Datta dynasty. Option Auri-El wood elves, and, therefore, acts as a cultural-hero-as-Akatosh in ancient Khajiit. "Alkosh, we'll give you time, because it can be more quickly and at the same time immobile than a cat?"
  • Ruptga (Great Father): The main deity pantheon Yokuda. Ruptga, better known as the "Great Father", was the first god who knew how to survive in The Hunger Satakal. High Pope, whose fingers plucked placers stars, whose shadow extends beyond the horizons of the visible and invisible, whose power prevails over the spirits of the past and the future.

'The Tower' - 'Aad semblio Empire, things kan Carpio sembleks means "so in the likeness of kings will become the hearts of the shadows" and "shadows in the royal heart is the similarity of the" where "this" - this ur-word (under ur-word means "I", which means "I am" - ed trans..).

' 'Tower' - this is an ideal that (in our world of myths and magic), so real, that begins to be dangerous. It is the existence of the True Identity in Ecumenical Persons, and embodied it the fourth constellation, and is protected by a third - Thief. Thief - is another metaphorical absolute; and in this sense it represents the "hold of Towers", or sometimes more important, "hold of" the secret of the Tower.

' 'The secret of the Tower' ' - How to permanently exist outside of duality, antithesis, or anxiety. I know it is not easy to understand. Imagine being able to feel all your senses unstoppable alien horror that is God, and our place in it, which is everywhere and therefore nowhere, and realizing that it is a complete dispersion of your personality in infinite essence. Imagine that, and still be able to say "I do." This "I" is the tower.

The following facts are known to all of us in a different manner, and the impossibility of Dawn gives the accuracy of all these memories at the same time. I'm talking about Ur-Tower, Adamantine, now Direnni, as well as its creation and purpose.

Auriel-that-Akatosh returned to Mundeks Arena with his planet-Dominion, signaling all Aedra gather in a stationary location of the meeting, which took place outside to aurbicheskogo time. Its smooth silver spire ship stuck in the ground changing and shimmering wind coming from the collision point, we warned all spirits within his aura, that they will be recorded. And that confirmed the presence of this, their actions here will last for a period of unattainable, and so is everything, then what happened to these spirits, whether a reunion with ether or were eligible for their choice or by deception under sititskoe erasure. Thus Aedra and their citizens will be able to fully meet the reality.

Our ancestors have seen the erection of 'Hell-mantle' - 'Ur-Tower' - and the Zero Stone. Let the elders will take it as an axiom: Each tower has its own stone. Nevozmozhtochka Assembly was the first stone, even the title of this first stone is different.

'Soul Anuelya' - First Aurbis was rapid and erratic, for there was no order in the thinking Anuielya. Then aspects Aurbis asked him to give them a plan or course of action that would allow them a little longer to exist outside of pure knowledge. To know ourselves and thus too, Anu created Auriel, the soul of my soul. Auriel slipped on Aurbis as a new force, called time. The time given to various aspects of Aurbis able to understand its nature and its limits.

'Aedra' - Aedra created the mortal world and glued to the bones of the earth. Daedra, which can not create, have the power to change. God's creation of the contract assumes that Aedra can kill. Evidence of this Lorkhan and moon. Shifting Daedra, which generally does not apply, you can only drive out. Aedra donated a large number of forces to harden to create a plan and now they are, in fact, only a shell of former self.

Et'Ada' - There is a higher-dimensional, is the essence of infinite size and weight, as well as the infinite dimension within ourselves. Under the weight of God's physical appearance steps mortal plan, and even the timeless continuity of existence becomes unstable. For the three-dimensional world of creatures rearranges itself a giant sphere.

'God Dragon Time' - Aedrot Aka, who succeeded so many names - totally insane. His sober mind was broken when he was "nomination from Eternity allowed the day , and we are all over the Aurbis spend their lives on its ruins, caught in a temporal writings and wanton willful erasure he povlёk, saying," Here I am ". The ethereal samoodobreniya thunder that followed (but he waved to the congregation, which was, in fact, amnesia), would remain a doubt that God hates the Times of twin aurbrilnoy the other end of the umbilical cord, the God of Space? What every Creations would be so extremely dangerous due to the addition of a banal fear of banal words: "I'm not?"

  • 'The word' - It was as if it is the law of the universe: "This, too, is my gift to you, a sign that is connected to our blood and we are linked by an oath. As long as your heirs will wear the Amulet of Kings, will be Dragon lights lit the eternal flame as a symbol of loyalty to all our men and gods. And while Dragon lights lit, I swear to you and your descendants, the blood of my heart will be firmly locked gates of Oblivion. And while the blood of the Dragon is strong in her rulers, the greatness of the Empire does not fade. But if you turn off the lights Dragon, and there is no heir of our common blood, which is the Amulet of Kings, then the darkness will swallow the Empire, and the demonic lords of chaos will reign on earth. "
  • 'Name' - Changes the essence of what (whom) -nibud changing its name. And then he cursed King Jumpers, calling him Dagon, and said: "Scrooge to himself all the fuck up, hiding in something, which no longer exists, but you - you I curse here and now I'm depriving you the ability to jump and jump and jump! and sentence you to [void], which you can not leave never, except in rare, distant from each other days, and even for that you have to much work. and so it will be until my little trickster, yet not destroy you everything that stole from previous Kalps, what I would call very unlikely "Dagon (no longer King of Demons, Jumpers) cried:" Please, no we stole you so much and pushed into these crazy places that I have for ages will achieve! his saltatorial happiness! Especially that I can come back to this world only in rare, distant from each other days, and even it will need rituals! I beg you not to do this, for Aqa! I beg of you a hundred thousand and eight more times! ".
  • 'Eater of the World' - literally eats all (space, time, Et'Ada etc.). The more he eats the more and more powerful it becomes.
  • 'Shadow Alduina' - a furious firestorm that destroyed the previous world to start this.
  • 'Time' - Aka and have the time. Through their constant metamorphosis and interaction increases their number, and a lot of time passes before their characters take shape. When taking shape Akatosh start time, and the spirits it becomes easier to recognize ourselves as beings with the past and the future. Stand out the strongest of the recognizable spirits: Mephala, Arkay, I'ffre, Magnus Rupgta and others. Still others are concepts, thoughts and emotions. One of the strongest among their number, barely took shape motivation called some Lorkhan, contemplating the creation of Mundus, the Mortal Plane.
  • 'Dragon' - The eternal, immortal, immutable and inexorable. They are not born and do not hatch from eggs. They do not mate and produce offspring. So far, no one showed dragon dragon eggs or young. Although they are not born, dragons can die. Name of the dragon is always of three syllables.
  • 'Thu'um' - Arts scream at Dragon language. Shouts can be sharpened swords and strike at enemies. His battle cry can breathe in people's strength to continue the fight to stop the fighting and snarling warrior and walk with a shout.
  • 'Gill Aka-Tosha' - Essential perfume dragon feminine in the best of their ability correcting an error in time.
  • 'Kalpa' (with the dragon language, the word "kalpa" is translated as "siesta Alduin") - this is the time period during which the Mundus (or Nirn - there is no certainty) develops anew. The spacing of these vary in duration, with each successive not strictly equal to the previous content, and lasts longer. At the end of each Kalpa Alduin devours her with Mundus. Each eating traditionally begins with the Nords (probably because Alduin - Nordic deity). Thus, Alduin (aka Satakal Redguards), devouring all things in a circle, represents one of the aspects of the movement of time. Kalpa, overlapping one another, can be the cause of non-linearity of time in the Dawn Era. It is known that Dawn Dawn was the end of the previous Kalpa, Kalpa and the new began with the first days of Merethic Era. Thus, the era of the Dawn, with all its variations is a repository of all of the previous aeons, and each subsequent takes its place in the "archive". It also can keep data about the "degeneration" Ehlnofey people and their evolution in the current race of mortals, as well as "different" creationist myths of various peoples. Aldmeris can also be memory Aldmeri peoples of the last Kalpa.
  • 'Sleep' - all Aedra "died" and sleep leaving the mortal world alone.

Madness' - the influence of his madness the world has disastrous consequences.

  • 'Breakthrough Dragon' - or breakage of the Dragon. The cases in the history of Tamriel when Akatosh Dragon, symbolizing the time, broke down and the linear flow of time was violated. As a result, there were events that are impossible in the ordinary course of life. In addition to the most famous breakdowns, known as the "West Warp" were still others, such as "The Middle Dawn," "The Battle of Red Mountain" and the activation of the first Numidium, as well as other not so well-known. One of them, "The Middle Dawn" (Dawn Dawn in the midst of the First Era) arranged sect "Chosen Marukati". Maruk Cyrodilic was a prophet, who said that he had a "vision of St. Alessia" (Queen Alessia, the first Empress of Cyrodiil, which led the liberation struggle against the human tribes Heartland ayleidskih rulers in the third century of the First Era). Ascetic, Maruca monotheistic doctrines were planted in most parts of Tamriel under the theocratic rule Alessian aggressive reforms. Chosen Marukati were members of the same excessively elitist fanatical sect, which in 1200 tried to separate the First Era by Auriel Akatosh, then eventually break lasted 1008 years. Although there is a theory (The Dragon Break Re-Examined), according to which 1008 years - it is simply an error caused by recalculation of chronology, but in fact 1008 years lasted only 150 years old, did not disappear. In another (~ 688-700 Year of the First Era) Dwemer disappeared, Chimer steel Dunmer, Nerevar was killed and members of the Tribunal have become gods. There may have been other anomalies. Numidium trial was activated by Rimmene (Elsweyr) in the year 896 of the Second Era, thanks to him, Tiber Septim Empire annexed to several provinces, and an extensive area in the desert remained unknown poison infected so far.
  • 'Dragon launched from the chain' - the mortal world over. The dragon roll the rings on their time and inertia will again travel the Aetherius a Free Snake without measures and burden, pouring countless times along the road.
  • 'Mirror Brothers' - Do not forget that the form of the gods can give mythopoetical forces those who wear their veil - so Tosh Cancer can be Akaviri phenomenon Akatosh having a grudge against his brother in the mirror Cyrodiil. Just as Akatosh-how-we-it-usually-know - perhaps to save the current kalpa (possibly my favorite) from being eaten - weaves through time plot against his brother in the mirror Nords, Alduin. Check all those "maybe".
  • 'Contact with the mind' - coming into contact with the mind of a monstrous Akatosh receives knowledge of the reality and achieves zero-sum.
  • Aka as seen by the Imperials.
  • Presentation Akatosh in Nord.

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