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Abigail Walker, nicknamed "Fetch", was a young schoolgirl from New Jersey who discovered her Conduit abilities after being bullied by another girl at school. Later that day, her parents called the DUP to turn her in, when her older brother, Brent, took Fetch and ran away, fleeing the DUP. After several years of running, they eventual came to Seattle, where they got caught up in a local drug war between the Russian mob and an up and coming gangster named Shane. After Shane kidnaps Brent to get Fetch to work for him, he drugs her, which leads to her killing her own brother during a psychedelic trip. The DUP easily arrested her afterwards, where she was trained to fight and kill by Brooke Augustine personally. She one day escapes during a prison transfer, and proceeds to avenge her brother's death by killing every drug dealer she comes across. She is soon found by Delsin Rowe, and the two develop romantic feelings for each other. Delsin teaches Fetch to either maintain self-control and take the dealers alive (Good), or to focus her malice on Anti-Conduit Activitsts (Evil).

Powers and Stats

Tier: At least High 7-C to 7-A, likely High 7-A, possibly higher

Name: Abigail Walker, Fetch, Neon Bitch (by Shane), Laser Girl, Sugar (by Shane), The Neon, Junkie

Age: 23

Origin: inFAMOUS (2009-2014)

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Neon Manipulation, Light Manipulation, Super Speed, Dematerialization, Phasing, Can see through walls and solid surfaces, Energy/Aura Sensing, Rage Empowerment, Limited Gravity Manipulation, Flight/Gliding, Regeneration (Low-Mid, higher via absorbing energy), Energy Constructs, Stasis Field Generation, Force/Wind Blasts, Can amplify Radar Vision with satellites, Afterimages, Durability Negation via Vaporization, Skilled in hand to hand combat, Trained in sharpshooting and assassination, Can gain new powers and enhanced power via rage or mental snaps

Attack Potency: At least Large Town Level+ to Mountain Level (Even Conduits who had just attained their powers can pull feats of this magnitude. Comparable to Delsin Rowe), likely Small Island Level (Comparable to Eugene, who created a pocket dimension at least as big as real world Seattle and up to the horizon.), possibly higher (Comparable to Augustine, who got her powers from The Beast and trained in them for seven years.)

Speed: FTL Movement and Combat Speed (Faster than Delsin's own Light Speed. Faster than both Delsin and Eugene traveling through radio waves), with Lightspeed to FTL Reactions (Dodged Delsin's lasers, can flawlessly maneuver around tight corners while moving at FTL speeds), higher with Laser Focus (slows down her perception of time)

Lifting Strength: Class K+ to Class M via powerscaling

Striking Strength: Class TJ+ to Class PJ, likely Class EJ, possibly higher

Durability: At least Large Town Level+ to Mountain Level, likely Small Island Level, possibly higher

Stamina: Limitless with energy, otherwise extremely high.

Range: Several kilometers, several thousand kilometers with Laser Focus

Intelligence: Above Average.

Weaknesses: Mentally unstable somewhat, seems to no longer be a problem.

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